Sunday, January 9, 2011


do what you like with pleasure.don't let those devil whisper bad things just to change your mind. oppurtunity comes once in a life time as you live just once.don't let surroundings let you down,you are better off your for me,yes i do feel down as well,tapi to think again la kan,i've wasted for like 10 minutes of my life thinking "dorng ni gelak kat aku ke"? instead of thinking about things to buy.ntah pape kan,don't break down and cry with what people has got to say,they have no idea what have you gone through in life,so what you wanna do,is up to you,who are they to judge?model model 1st class pon muka bukan cantik,but they were chosen for the weirdness they own as well as the,from now on,i'd like to push away all the negative influence around me as i can do better than being a bad person.i'd like to just live my life as i wish and pursuit my dreams while there is still time.i'll do whatever it takes to make me feel better again.i don't have to fake to have your attention,i don't have to act nor do i have to try so hard to let you notice me,i'll just do what i do best and that is being me myself and no other but me.i'm tired of feeling left out,tired of pretending to be nice when there's no one looking,the world is becoming a selfish place,so don't bother about others.they do good to you,you do good too,they do bad?they deserve a kick in the ass!

hahahaha but usually,perempuan ni jealous dengan kaum sendiri so,disebabkan ini makanya,all you have to do is just be you.people who dislike you are the ones who secretly desperately wants to be you,they're jealous cause they aren't you.i don't live to please okay,lantak la kalau kau laki x suka aku.ade aku kesah?kalau kau pompuan kau benci aku?tp knp kn?tp x pe la ikut la kalau x suka aku .-. just that i'm not the person yang suka nak gaduh gaduh.kalau aku x punyai wajah yang boleh buat kau puas,jangan lah tengok aku,senang.kalau aku tidak punyai personanlity yang bagus jangan dekati aku atau lebih bagus tegur lah kan.kalau perangai aku keterlaluan hentikan.i can learn from my mistakes,i take critiscm professionally and i'm up to anything that can make me a better person.correct me if i'm wrong,teach me if i'm stupid,ignore me if you don't like me and pity me if i'm out of your league :)

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