Thursday, January 27, 2011


hehhe why am i laughing?hahaha okay we got it to the finals alhamdulillah :) well although we came unprepared but yeah because of team work la kan.i'm happy not because we got it but the enthusiasm of each of my members was the main thing.thanx to alyia for being the narrator,faiz imran as the technicians and for handling the props,yazid our special appearance :) azlan the director and main character to mizah as well as husaini and tiqah rose :) ahhaa it was fun actually,at least theres something funny i could tell to my childen one day.i did accomplish something this year heheh am so happy memang moving forward habis.i know ade je mase kita sedih but i'm proud to say that one of my happy day is today :) amzing crew amazing crowd and an amazing do buy tickets to the theater so you guys can vote for us.thank you all :) but unfortunately behind the happy moments,tumbler aku tertinggal!!tidak tidak tidak!!!!i need a new one :'( hahahhaha kbai

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