Saturday, May 4, 2013

i miss traveling across the world. sleeping for hours in the airplane. on the seat and sometimes on the floor.eating airplane food, purchasing souvenirs. playing games or better watch movies that aren't even aired in our country yet. i love traveling. i miss it. a lot.

well since my father died,back in 2006,we didn't travel anywhere anymore. well but, i did,i went for an exchange student. and that was a year after my dad passed away.i was the only one,in my family had that mum told me that 'it's okay lah,you can go since we are not going anywhere anymore'. it was the best experience. the one i'll never forget. never. and 7 years later, today in 2013.i went to jakarta. it was the best too cause i get to go there with my cousin and my friend together with her was so much fun.

traveling used to be one of our family ritual since i was in kindergarden. my dad, he loves taking us to places cause basically,he's a family guy.he puts his family first. and also,he wanted us to experience what he had experienced when he was a student in united kingdom.

the first place that my dad took us to, was australia. i remember being there for about 3 to 4 times. we went to gold coast,perth, queensland, sydney and much more.i can't recall. the perth thingy was just for father wanted to visit his was fun.the family was great.they took us everywhere. uncle fadzillah and family.thank you :)

later, my dad took us to london and paris. i've only been to paris twice and london maybe 4 to 5 times cause maybe he was surveying some houses there.yeah we were supposed to buy a house there but my mum as all mum would be. paranoid. -.- anyhoo,london would be my favorite place.i love the weather,the buildings,the cabs the bus the food and everything about it.i love london since the first time i've been there. and the first time masa i darjah 4 x silap.i always had to skip a few classes sbb teachers jadi cm x kisah sangat dah -.-.well mostly because they know that my father ada kerja sana they understood.

then after london and father took us to spain.i remebered monte carlo,seville, and the south of france.nice.Nice is one of my favorite know how in the movies rumah dorang semua atas bukit kan,we lived in one of those houses.hehe well actully it's a father loves exploring.we are the only malaysian family who stayed there.most of the malaysian would prefer staying in the lah tmpat orang father was adventurous :) me my brother and my sister would go to the pizza shope and order the same thing for maybe 1 week or so?hahah sampai orang tu dah kenal and he's like " the same order ha?" hehe.and us siblings would walk around the place, and it has this underground punya laluan.spain sangat tau.hahah.

and then to switzerland.switzerland memang tiap hari makan fillet o fish lah.xde mknn yang halal boleh dicari.dekat switzerland, i loved the hotel.super cool and cozy.and mase hari kitorang nak balik barulah nak snow nya -.-.

lepastu ada pergi,manchester,tengok stadium tu,liverpool, lalu barcelona sbb train berenti situ.hmm apa lagi eh?

haa hong kong.second last destinasi sebelum ayah passed away.hong kong was fun fun fun too!
then our last destination before coming back to malaysia would be singapore.

once,kitorang sambut christmas dekat there was so beauiful! all the lightings, the decorations. the hayley's was the best toy shop EVER!tiga tingkat yang penuh dengan toys only! wanted to buy this barbie car tapi it woulnt fir our luggage cause its too big. hmm. dekat london, kitorang naik taxi and bus and the undrground :) masa dekat uk kirorang naik kereta sbb my knows the jalan from dulu die pernah belajar sana.he remembered the road.which was super awesome!my dad was awesome.semua ayah pon awesome!.

oh and pernah sambut new year dalam kapal terbang.hahah. masa tu baru je balik dari london.then the cabin crew siap buat countdown lagi yaw.pastu semua cm happy new year! heheh

alhamdulillah i get to witness different places form across the world at a very young age.semua tu reeki lah orang kata.i get to go places just before my dad passed away. me and my sister were practically raised in airplanes and in different countries.i am blessd.

tapi sometimes mmg sedih cause i dont get to go to these places anymore sbb my mum takut it would bring all the memories she thought that malaysia is the safest place. haih tak pe lah,kalau ada rezeki in the future,aku akan ke sana juga.

and before my father died, he really wanted to go to rome italy.he passed away back in 2006. and on that same year,we were supposed to go to italy and my father nak bawa kitorang pergi umrah tapi x kesampaian. :( kalau ada rezeki i wanna take my mum to mum pernah pergi sekali je with my dad and i want to take her with me pula one day. insyaallah.

my traveling memories will always be here in my mind and heart.i shall not forget this opportunity and experience and ni lah cerita yang akan saya bagitau kat anak anak saya heheh

"darlings,your grandfather was an amazing man and had taught me a lot.and i will do the same to you guys".