Wednesday, February 29, 2012


the title for today has nothing to do for this entry right here.that was the first word that popped into my congratulations DEMANDING!you've won yourself a free hug from me :D let's cut the i'm feeling a bit energetic and now is 2:20 am.classy me heh i'm so psyched for this coming's been so long staying at home pampering all these fat in my body though i had fun with them.ahaks.but i needed this break from holiday to make use of my brain.i haven't used it in for some time now.hahaha i hope that being in a new place,environment,influence would motivate me into being a brilliant student *insert cricket's sound* fact is that's never gonna happen but reallly so badly i wanna do good for at least this semester to get a scholarship.i need one.i want one.heck i even wanna feel like i deserve one.i wanna feel intelligent juga sometimes :/ and also,i was hoping that my sleeping schedule would change but unfortunately in a scale of 10 i would give it a 5 that the statement above would be true?i mean who am i kidding?i've got 4 freakin law subjects for this semester and i dont even want to start for the upcoming's so scary.i only can imagine how i'd look like in the middle of this first semester.but u know what?if my seniors could pass em,why can't ?!eceh.well let's hope for the best.i think i'll be taking french for my third language i mean italian should be interesting but i think that french is more widely used across the world?mandarin is without a doubt is as important but both my sister and brother took it,and plus i can like learn it somewhere else kan?(macam akan buat) tp ye la,that is what i think.however the disappointment that i'm going through right now is both my options clashes with some of my subjects in the schedule.i don't know what to do about it but i think that i should wait on monday?wait for what they'd say?yeap i should do that.

why am i not asleep yet.well because i'm updating this blog for u readers out i sweet or what?:) so my things are prolly about 50% done?in terms of clothes and stuff la.kalau borang about 95% is sikit je lagi.i'll be okay insyaallah.i still need to settle some things juga but that wouldnt be a big problem.this saturday nak apply kolej.i don't know what to biase apply college senang je kot mcm merbok dulu?write my name semua lah.i hope they don't need any documents cause everything is set for monday.oh and just now,i washed my face for like about an hour and a half.while watching the breakfast club but u should know that washing your face for too long can be so's still burning right now.and it's 1 hour later. -.- plus my friend told me that if u rarely take shower,that glitz of not showering would show in your face although u showered like three times a day.aha!inyoface! i'm paranoid.

you know on monday,i asked tia if she could accompany me to merbok to complete my clearance and so she agreed.we went there and the most fucked up situation happened to us!there was no train! :D i am happy ! -.- we reached ktm at 10pm and stayed there till 12am siap kene halau dengan guards there because that place is closed at midnght.we stayed there cause no one could fetch us.jadinya at the end we took a taxi home and when we arrived we ended up talking outside until 2am sbb everyone was fast asleep.nasib dlm pukul 2 my sis answered our call.pastu kami pon selamat :) heee what an adventure and how unlucky are we?or just me.pfft.I WAS BORN THIS WAY GAGA! u should take me to dance in your clips.i deserve it :( and also on what day entah i spent a night at tia's i said this for like the gazillionth time that her room is so comfy weh siap ade free wifi.i like her house.i sooooooo could decorate that room if it were mine.hahaha saiko.hmm what more to rant?nothing?ok i'm super duper diper depeeeee diddy done.goodbye.

p/s gazillionth is not found in any dictionary.can i be one of the philosophers now?

Sunday, February 26, 2012


i am so stress out right less than 5 days i'll be registering to shah alam but transkrip n pengesahan tamat belajar sijil spm is still not here. :( i'm so sad man.knp jadi cm ni? huh sumpah rase nak menangis T_T i should've went there n minta by hand.nk pergi dah until liya ckp can call.dorg ni kalau x boleh hntr then dont bother saying blh post lah.sedih.sijil spm pon god knows where it is right now.huh this is frustrating gila babi and i dont know how to say it in any way.i just hope that everything will be down in time.please.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


kepada yang baru menemui blog ini mahupun baru mula membaca,perlulah anda tahu yang saya sangat bencikan abang saya.i loathe him so much that i'd buy a shot gun and pull the trigger right in his face T_T however,today is not yoy guy's luck cause i'm not going to talk about him.aww boo hoo kan?sorry.

okay so i am actually out of words.*sigh.i haven't bought anything yet like shoes and some bags and clothes untuk ke kelas.cause me and the gadis are staying in.maksudnya dalam hostel lah -.- jadi tak perlulah banyak sangat benda kan.kalau ddk rumah then banyk sikit la.kot?so wat i'm waiting for right now is he transkrip,surat benti and sijil spm.oh dan juga sijil lahir my mum -.- then dah siap semua baru boleh cop.x sabar nak merasa bila selesai semua.then nak pergi shopping for some lah kali pertama selepas 4 tahun aku berlajar,dapt yang dekat.form 4 dan 5 dekat muadzam pahang,18-19 merbok kedah.sekarang dapat kat shah alam cm ne tah.mase kat merbok,jarang balik sbb jauh,tengok kawan je balik every aku cemana?ahaks.k la bai


peace be upon you people who are currently reading my blog ahaks.alhamdulillah i am still alive :) before i'm off to bed,i just wanna say that how happy i am dapat sambung belajar.having to start my degree at this young age was never a dream i thought i'd get.thank you ALLAH for giving me this oppurtunity.i wasnt the bright one dalam family however orang kate rezeki masing masing kan.i've come this far and insyaallah i'm never gonna back down.i will try my best in pursuing what's best for me.5th march will be the day i'll start my first class.don't who'll i meet,who'll be my new friends or enemy for that matter.i also hope that our friendship tak kemana ye.i missed u guys a lot.and i cant wait to jumpa semua.6 months of staying at home tak kan xde cerita kan?heheh well new semester,new me guess?gosh i can't get over for the fact that i'll be meeting more people there.what will it be like?gosh.okay i must go now.bai :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i was born i subang jaya,selangor.subang jaya medical parents stayed in subang for a couple of years and moved out to penang cause my daddy got promoted.i stayed there till i was in standard 1.lama lah juga.i've got a lot of friends back best friend was a chinese and an indian.sebab dekat kawasan tu,we were the only malay.the house was called dunn house back then.i went to lady bird kindergarden.was an active person haha i joined some performances on stage.and by "some" i mean only one,for graduation -.-.then came 1999.darhah satu.methodist girl's school.was so new with school i couldn't cope with anything.i rarely finished my sisters were straight A students and so the teachers would ask them about mum was so fierce.haha hmm i went there for only like 3 months?then again,my daddy got promoted we moved back in kuala lumpur.and i've been living here since.da 12 tahun dah stayed at the same house.the place where i went for tuition,i got friends,climb up walls,built a clubhouse but then was discovered by the guards and kita kene halau -.- and of course the place when i last spent time with ayah :').

now it's 2012.i'm almost 20 years old.time flew very fast i gotta believe it or not?i am getting my degree.i am going to be a law student in uitm shah's a question that i once asked my friend when it was the last year of school,before spm "cuba bayangkan alia kalau kita 18 nanti.pejam celik dah masuk 18.belajar tempat sama semua" and there u go.3 years later.tapi x sama tempat belajar pon.namun masih lah contact die :) cepat je ha.

now i've some new from sabah,kedah and kelantan.diff people from diff states.we met back in merbok,when we were doing our foundation.*mcm lama sangat da *.the same class.awal awal masuk dulu i was good friends with kinah and alyia.but something happened out of the blue that made us not that close anymore.anyhoooooo,then i became so close with mun fna and miyah because i think it's really easy to relate with them.they are all opened minded.they are going to be my housemates :) however,i do have a few when living together with your best friends and ESPECIALLY your best friends,there must be some know like fighting and yelling at each other in which case i hope would never happen between us.cause i've been there and it's not beautiful.tapi adat lah kalau bergaduh sekali due kan?bt please jangan smpai yang putus kawan.tu i'm scared.apa apa pon boleh jadi kan?so must take extra precautions.sebab org kate,tak best friend lah kalau tak gaduh kan?tak gitu?heheehhkalau boleh minta jauh.

i'm so proud of myself cause i have perfectly succeeded to complete a post.FINALLY!so today,i'm off to kuis to take my result and to post express :) everything will go well insyaallah :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


ok here are the things that i need to complete printing or what not before 5th of march.let's sort through shall we?

so tomorrow i'll be going to merbok,to take
  1. sijil tamat belajar
  2. transcript
  3. and the clearance of course.
so i can cross out that one.

okay what else?hmm so i need to print the
  1. borang maklumat pelajar
  2. pendapatan
  3. borang sepenuh masa.
  4. surat tawaran
  5. bil yuran
so yang nak kene fotostat pula ialah
  1. my ic,ibu's n her husband
  2. my surat branak mum's n husband's
  3. salinan spm ni sijil ke result? -on hold- ok kene ade -.-
  4. surat tawaran
  5. tamat blaja
  6. transcript
  7. muet
yang nak disahkan
  1. ic
  2. sijil lahir
  3. sijil spm
  4. surat tamat blaja
  5. transkrip
  6. result muet.
so yang nk disahkan ade 6 benda.

basically,transcript,sijil tamat belajar -merbok
sijil spm -muadzam pahang
cop pengesahan aku buat kat muadzam juga la cenggitu.ok ! beres :)
result muet-kuis.

ok done.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

may peace be upon you.

hello dearly people :) i can't seem to close my eyes cause as usual,i think about a lot of things.first of all,i got it into law school :) alhamdulillah.however,there are a lot of things that has to be settled asap.this coming tuesday,i'm off to kedah to do the clearence thingy,grab my transcript as well as the sijil tamat belajar.then i've to print all borang and all documents untuk daftar nnt.tapi alhamdulillah diberi mase selama sebulan.i got the result on 2nd feb which was on thursday?kan?okay that means tinggal lagi 24 hari untuk buat semua.kalau da pergi kedah means semua da settle in terms of benda penting.then bila smpai sini,ill have to print everything and get the pengesahan cop from my uncle?or anyone yang sesiapa kenal?i mls nk pergi skola lama.tomorrow,i'm going to shah alam to check out the house that miyah recommended and also maybe will be our house nnt.see,frankly speaking,i want to live inside meaning the kolej lah kan.but some say susah nak dpt,1st come 1st serve and maybe x dpt at sbb tu la ktrg amek rumah sewa.kalau komfem dpt kolej then we'll be there in no time.sbb senang kalau budak baru ni,ddk dlm la untuk tau selok belok xpe,kalau x boleh nk save kn tmpt my friends then we'll go with rumah sewa lah.see mula2 rumh sewa,then clearence then print everything.pening dah.serabut la juga.but nk buat cemana,semua benda ade sebb.ok bai *malas nk type .