Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i was born i subang jaya,selangor.subang jaya medical parents stayed in subang for a couple of years and moved out to penang cause my daddy got promoted.i stayed there till i was in standard 1.lama lah juga.i've got a lot of friends back best friend was a chinese and an indian.sebab dekat kawasan tu,we were the only malay.the house was called dunn house back then.i went to lady bird kindergarden.was an active person haha i joined some performances on stage.and by "some" i mean only one,for graduation -.-.then came 1999.darhah satu.methodist girl's school.was so new with school i couldn't cope with anything.i rarely finished my sisters were straight A students and so the teachers would ask them about mum was so fierce.haha hmm i went there for only like 3 months?then again,my daddy got promoted we moved back in kuala lumpur.and i've been living here since.da 12 tahun dah stayed at the same house.the place where i went for tuition,i got friends,climb up walls,built a clubhouse but then was discovered by the guards and kita kene halau -.- and of course the place when i last spent time with ayah :').

now it's 2012.i'm almost 20 years old.time flew very fast i gotta believe it or not?i am getting my degree.i am going to be a law student in uitm shah's a question that i once asked my friend when it was the last year of school,before spm "cuba bayangkan alia kalau kita 18 nanti.pejam celik dah masuk 18.belajar tempat sama semua" and there u go.3 years later.tapi x sama tempat belajar pon.namun masih lah contact die :) cepat je ha.

now i've some new from sabah,kedah and kelantan.diff people from diff states.we met back in merbok,when we were doing our foundation.*mcm lama sangat da *.the same class.awal awal masuk dulu i was good friends with kinah and alyia.but something happened out of the blue that made us not that close anymore.anyhoooooo,then i became so close with mun fna and miyah because i think it's really easy to relate with them.they are all opened minded.they are going to be my housemates :) however,i do have a few when living together with your best friends and ESPECIALLY your best friends,there must be some know like fighting and yelling at each other in which case i hope would never happen between us.cause i've been there and it's not beautiful.tapi adat lah kalau bergaduh sekali due kan?bt please jangan smpai yang putus kawan.tu i'm scared.apa apa pon boleh jadi kan?so must take extra precautions.sebab org kate,tak best friend lah kalau tak gaduh kan?tak gitu?heheehhkalau boleh minta jauh.

i'm so proud of myself cause i have perfectly succeeded to complete a post.FINALLY!so today,i'm off to kuis to take my result and to post express :) everything will go well insyaallah :)

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