Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ini kisah benar.

selamat pagi merpati :) so apa kabar semua?saya disini da masuk hari yang ketiga di merbok.setakat ini semuanya alhamdulillah baik and also lately asyik bangun awal je.but i'm okay with it :) hmmm a quite good start la but evrytime class habis wajib tidur cause the weather here is hot and very tiring pegi back and forth ke kelas yang jaranya antara satu sama lain mmg jauh.sangt berbeza ngn sem lepas.sem lepas cm best gila jadual semua tapi ye la kan,kate pon sem akhir.jadi mmg pack la.plus the subjects pon boleh tahan susah.untuk minggu ni lecturer just gtau the contents je la like what is the course all about and all my lecturers are quite okay,at least i hope so *sigh. hmm so i'm hoping that everything will turn out just fun and insyaallah boleh la buat for this last one.and result muet maybe keluar on june kot and guys my birthday is just around the corner.sila sila wish atau better hadiah.hahah but i know that will not happen.noting it to myself pon da okay hihihihi k la budak junior ni sumpah bising oh.-.- da la sombong org senym buat muka tahi.not that i care of la kn but respect me as a human being at least kalau kau mmg jenis x respect org tua pon.tapi bkn jaug sgt pon jarak umur kitorg kn so x yah nk respect as org lebih tua just that i need u to respect me as a person.jgn nk jeling sgt la *flips hair and walk off.* k la not important pon.haa x pasl2 korg budak sem satu ade dlm blog aku.haih k la aku nk belajar berjata berkerj berhijrah :)

yes ade banyk slah eja n saya mls nk betulkn.manusia mmg bnyk buat salah so kia belajar.dan tidak men delete keslhn ini akn mmbetulkn kesln dan akn menyedr kn saya ats kesln lama.slat tinggl rakan aku lapaq nk mampuih weh T___T.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

thanks to you :)

i like it when one thing could make u happy like happy gila.ohmygosh.im so happy la it's like so fresh and all.i really love seeing happy couple and i hope to be one of them.i know i've been so weak going through with life but each day i'm learning to be better and just have to toughen up.cause there's no other choice sbb x de org yang boleh buat kn pilihan untuk kita unless die tu adelah kita :) i really hope that today will be a good one,ye la sbb org kate kalau kita cm happy sgt nnt nanges pula.so hoping that it'll be consistent smpai esok hari x pon paling kurg 0000 mlm ni?n i just found out that the only thing that could make me happy is looking at cute couples,happy and sweet.up until today i only knew that i have a soft spot for love.hahah hmmm romantic ke aku suatu hari nnt?hmm we'll see.i just really hope that i will be a better person one day.everyday is a new day n i'll try to work it out.but the thing is mood aku slalu berubah first i can be like so happy n the second will be all gloomy. challenge of the year,is dealing with me.x pe la.itu humn nature kn to always think about problems instead of the good stuff.

i miss my friends so much.kalau nk list kn mmg x cukup.dari bukit jalil smpai muadzam,dari muadzam smpai kat uitm :) i appreciate every single person yang datang dlm hidup ni.although kebnyknnye mcm x de da but still,i thank god yang DIA bagi aku jumpe ngn korg walau sekejap je pon.thank u so much everyone.love u guys a lot.kepade yang aku pernah buat salah tu,beribu minx maaf aku hulurkn.kadang2 kita x sedar apa yang kita buat.aku halal la semua pon.zero zero la semula eh :) love u all smpai bila2. i will make sure that anak2 aku akn knl korg through the awesome stories that i will tell hehehe.thank u ALLAH :)

this is the only opportunity that i have memandangkn aku ni mood swing gila babi.so bila aku happy aku nk sgt korg tau yang aku sgt gembira berade disisi korg semua.only with u guys do i feel comfy and happy.thank u my friends :) thank u so much for everything.and to my family,hope everything will be fine.good bye :) oh and samsul aku sayang kau gila gila gila la.hahah n farhanamiyahmunirahqilamimiziqahliyakinah pon aku syg korg gak.kepala gila babi punya sama n satu kelas plD la senang :)

smpailatadikathankuall :DDD

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sedar diri.

being a person liked by everyone is hard.harder than choosing baju untuk keluar-.- but living is not about pleasing others but again kalau kita baik ngn org,org akn baik ngn kita.so in this case,semua kita buat kene la sederhana.kadang2 kalau nk please org je,org akn pijak kepala kn,jadi,kene tegas sikit la.we have to have our own stand.cant be easily influenced by others.like me-.- i am so easily influenced that i can like something senang gila walaupon benda tu i hate,kalau org lain suka.faham x?meaning cm kalau org tu suka but i dont,then that person gtau knp die suka then i tend to consider apa dorg fikir that i'll change my mind for instant.gila xde pendirian kn.i need to find my identity.it's very important for someone to search for their identity.sbb takut cm kadang2 kita buat tu,tapi x suka then when u do something u like n feel comfy about it,u'll get confused with the other option.believe me.i dont have that much of an experience but i am willing to share what i personally think.which i'd say most of us think the same kn.or nth la.

the thing i like most is predicting my future.what will it be like?will i get to sambung my degree in law?will i get the perfect score for my last sem?will i get to stay in shah alam with the girls?will i get the dream house i've always wanted?the husband to tc of me?hmmm bnyk gila la lagi yang dlm kepala ni.gila kn.its true la what people say.enough is never enough.haih.azureen.kau berdoa je la bnyk2 moga2 kau dtmptkn ditmpt yang kau nk n insyaallah could make ur parents proud.amin

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

here this

i dont know what to talk about actually cause theres nothing to talk about.hihi ni update pon sebab samsul da menyeru.n one more thing,da lama pon x update.so heres the catch.siangtadi i watched remember me movie dan sangat best :( it was very moving weh.i like that kind of a movie which shows about the world,like what we do when other people do certain things.haa cm tu la.x paham?then i dont have any other way to describe it.its just the nature of life hmmm.sekarang nk ckp pasl apa?mls nk type la.hmmmmmmmmmm haa tomorrow i wanna buy some shoes :)) yay! :))))))) cant wait n then baju kat cotton on ok da.huh oh n cadar n selimut.da habis cerita.kau mampu samsul??haa x.hmm bila nk blnje aku??kbai

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


hello readers *which i doubt there is any* but anyhoo,i don't know what to think,feel or talk about.okay,memang banyak yang aku pk tapi semua cm aku x nak pk.it's all personal and i need to talk to someone about it.i can't keep this feeling forever.i wanna try to confront that person,but i tend to breakdown and cry.T__T haih tolong la kuat sikit azureen.haa and then when i jadi happy balik,die jadi cm "ala benda kecik je,buat apa nak fikir" then bila sedih baru nak cari org and it goes over and over.i really do have a split personality.klabai


it's over whelming knowing that there are people who appreciate u the way u are. :) i'll try my best to be a better person insyaallah :)

nice smell.

ain't it a lovely night?well i mean morning but still,today is quite cold despite the fact that the aircond was on the whole day,i actually think today will be a good start for everything,at least hoped it'll be :) i haven't slept yet since yesterday.there's more than millions of things running in my head.some negative,some of course positive which i hope will remain definite infinity.i'd say that i'm negative type of person,which basically means i tend to think about the bad things instead of good ones.i really don't know how to scrap that off.i don't like being negative all the time but that is exactly what i do consciously.it's like running through my veins.it's just me,or that can i change?but eventually,it'll happen without knowing it's happening. reading this back la kan,show's how i'm lack of vocab and that i need to improve my english and be a confident speaker.need to start pumping.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

short film

okay aku berasa sangat malu hari ini.-.- dan smlm tapi yang smlm aku da lupa then jadi pula hari ini makanya malu smlm dibawa pada hari ini.-.-

starring :
  1. me as me.
  2. the mail man as the mail man.

so as u all can see or know,we teenagers tnd to over sleep and i mean bangun smpai afternoon.betul?or is it just me?pfft.fine,but betul la kan mostly?well,sejak habis final buln 3 dulu.i went home n got this problem through out the month which is tdo lmbt.tapi smpi buln 4,tido aku da smkn teratur.namun akhir2 bulan 5 ni jadi semula,sbb mak n akak aku yg second is in kuantan,so tggl aku n akak sulong aku je n when she works ot,i have to stay at home alone.n i hate to break the news here,but my house always happen something not cool if u know what i mean.so moving on about what happened.so i will wait until it's day light then i'll sleep.haha penakut.

let's start from yesterday.i slept at maybe 4am and got up by the sound of the doorbell.and was like "what?who's that at the door?" asking my sister,then intai kat hole di pintu,of course the mail man.i ran to my sister in hoping that she could open the door la kn but instead she reversed psychology me and i end up opening the door myself.*okay bukn la reverese mana just buka je -.-* okay then i pon buka.tetapi sedikit saje x nk bg die nmpk sgt.then die pndg aku agk lama then tanya "rumah puan rahimah" and i nodded la kn,then die berdiri n gave me that thingy to sign semua la suddenly..."baru bangun tdo ke wak?" hamagad,malu!haih kalau iye pon x yah la tegur.aku sgt malu namun dengan gelak sedikit sbgai jwpn pada soalan yang x ptt itu -.- then i ran back in to sign n smpt cerita kat kakak yang i malu.and then i went back to the door to give him that thingy n "haa pergi mandi tu eh" smbil ktawa.pergh!tmparan hebat.aku ckp terima kasih dan gelak he he he n ttp pintu.cerita la semua kat akk aku,then tertdo balik*bgn pukul 2 pula*-.- pastu semua jadi normal semula,pergi bayar bill then teman kakak shop lepak startbucks pastu mlm tengok fast n furious which was drop dead awesome!harus di tonton ye rakan rakan diluar sana.

okay and for today,the same thing happened except he came at 2 minutes to 12.haih.aku pon pergi intai.aduh past laju lagi.then pergi tandas cuci muka bajet muka da mandi.dan buka pintu dengan lebih confident dari smlm pastu pintu pon dibuka luas sikit "dayumm!org sama bai!knp engkau?".seperti biase die pndg lama masa ddk tu,dan berkata "wak lmbt la wak,tapi x pe.sign je la*then bg aku satu kerts* haa ni tlg buang pastu sign" aku pon sign la semua.da siap aku serahkan "awak,baru bgn tdo lagi ke wak" dan ketawa.haih aku betol la die ni.-.- sumpah malu tahap rase nak beli pavilion.aku pon sengeh2,lps die bg balik tu aku ttp pintu la kn,dan berlalu dengan "haaa!".

dan kini aku bertekad untuk siap mandi da bila die ngnto lagi.harap bukn org sama la kn.malu aku-.- the moral of the story,tdo awal,bangun awal dan mandi awal sekian.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

can't hear yah.

after owning a white colored iphone 4 and a watch from marc by marc jacobs i surveyed yesterday,i'd be as happy as fuck.i know i've been saying the same thing after getting my apple and my previous phones but just gimme the god damn thing already!

Monday, May 2, 2011


i didn't went to yuna's secret concert.y?no transport thats y.but life must go on.okay,it's been a rough semester break for me.but i just hope that it'll come over just fine.tired is not the perfect word to describe my situation but sad,lonely vengeance might be it.everything is not quite like what i dreamt of but am trying to sought it through.i miss everything about life,love and nothing to remember about lost.however,life is about facing challenges n so what i've been trying to avoid is what i get.lost.losing is common now if you step into my world.i've lost my dad,my uncles,three of them and my mak tok.my tok wan was also gone but i didn't even get to know him ,so that technically doesn't count lah.dealing with losing someone is so hard but u just got to live life and overcome the pain.u just have to.these r some tests that god gave,so i'm just gonna be a strong girl n pull it off.kbai