Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nice smell.

ain't it a lovely night?well i mean morning but still,today is quite cold despite the fact that the aircond was on the whole day,i actually think today will be a good start for everything,at least hoped it'll be :) i haven't slept yet since yesterday.there's more than millions of things running in my head.some negative,some of course positive which i hope will remain definite infinity.i'd say that i'm negative type of person,which basically means i tend to think about the bad things instead of good ones.i really don't know how to scrap that off.i don't like being negative all the time but that is exactly what i do's like running through my's just me,or that can i change?but eventually,it'll happen without knowing it's happening. reading this back la kan,show's how i'm lack of vocab and that i need to improve my english and be a confident speaker.need to start pumping.

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