Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sedar diri.

being a person liked by everyone is hard.harder than choosing baju untuk keluar-.- but living is not about pleasing others but again kalau kita baik ngn org,org akn baik ngn in this case,semua kita buat kene la sederhana.kadang2 kalau nk please org je,org akn pijak kepala kn,jadi,kene tegas sikit la.we have to have our own stand.cant be easily influenced by me-.- i am so easily influenced that i can like something senang gila walaupon benda tu i hate,kalau org lain suka.faham x?meaning cm kalau org tu suka but i dont,then that person gtau knp die suka then i tend to consider apa dorg fikir that i'll change my mind for instant.gila xde pendirian kn.i need to find my's very important for someone to search for their identity.sbb takut cm kadang2 kita buat tu,tapi x suka then when u do something u like n feel comfy about it,u'll get confused with the other option.believe me.i dont have that much of an experience but i am willing to share what i personally think.which i'd say most of us think the same kn.or nth la.

the thing i like most is predicting my future.what will it be like?will i get to sambung my degree in law?will i get the perfect score for my last sem?will i get to stay in shah alam with the girls?will i get the dream house i've always wanted?the husband to tc of me?hmmm bnyk gila la lagi yang dlm kepala ni.gila kn.its true la what people say.enough is never enough.haih.azureen.kau berdoa je la bnyk2 moga2 kau dtmptkn ditmpt yang kau nk n insyaallah could make ur parents proud.amin

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