Monday, May 2, 2011


i didn't went to yuna's secret concert.y?no transport thats y.but life must go on.okay,it's been a rough semester break for me.but i just hope that it'll come over just fine.tired is not the perfect word to describe my situation but sad,lonely vengeance might be it.everything is not quite like what i dreamt of but am trying to sought it through.i miss everything about life,love and nothing to remember about lost.however,life is about facing challenges n so what i've been trying to avoid is what i get.lost.losing is common now if you step into my world.i've lost my dad,my uncles,three of them and my mak tok wan was also gone but i didn't even get to know him ,so that technically doesn't count lah.dealing with losing someone is so hard but u just got to live life and overcome the pain.u just have to.these r some tests that god gave,so i'm just gonna be a strong girl n pull it off.kbai

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