Thursday, April 28, 2011

water for elephants.

okay first of all,see the title above?perfect,i wanna watch it:) as well as red riding hood.okay moving on,so u guys remember the game what berry r u?yang i post earlier with the exact title i just typed?*okay a little excited over there -.- the prizes were winning 2 tickets to see yuna.and i won :) i get to see me idol :) i've been waiting for this just so mesmerized by her voice.i love it so much.she's brilliant too n not to mention that she owns her own shop*jawdropped! hahah okay i didnt have to explain that when everyone is aware about it kan -.- okay -.- so yeah it's happening at 8pm and the venue is at mapskl solris dutamas.i won 2 tickets and my sister salina won a pair too but the problem is that she's no going cause balik rumah opah and so i have 2 spair tickets,maybe am going with my eldest and her fiance and of course my dearest samsulan idris.hihih so nice of him to come along.

please for click for a larger image well not that u need it but -.-
foine .

so that ends my post good night beauties and remember,never look down to yourself,dig the most powerful asset u have deep down.just figure it out okay?we're all unique in our own way :)

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