Tuesday, April 12, 2011

you are with me.

morning beauties :) huh i am thankful!i like have to say this a million times kot baru aku nk thankful.haih azureen azuree.u did great.nak apa lagi?aiyoo.okay so alhamdulillah again :) enogh is never enough for me -.- oh and i think i woke up too early sampai cm sikit gila org online and twitter pon macam dekat deserted island.haha there's no one.mai pergi muet rasenya.other than that ryan secreast je ah yang tweet and all those quotes.hmm im bored.-.-oh and im happy for myself for having a wonderful 8 hours of sleep :) hehe so what' new guys?haa yesterday i went to sunway to have dinner with the family dekat bubba gump,my all time favourite place,but after yesterday,i dont think it is anymore.cause the service was like so slow-.- and i ordered ribs tau,it wasnt like before,before punya cm sedap gila and mcm wow lah kan,but this time,cm kering,one more thing,i just love buffalo wings!it's to die for!*drooling* but i prefer tgi punya la,and steak T__T i wanna eat steak la.-.- i just love the decorations and i love forrest gump so yeah senang la nak relate.i cant wait to get the cheque!i need money to shop!sikit je,betol hahaha. huh nak buat apo ni? sedang ber tumblr.hmm ya know,my eyes are very itchy right now and hingus x henti keluar hahaha i better go.kbai

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