Thursday, May 24, 2012

i always tell myself to not only preach but go for it.but i guess i'm just a person who's lack of motivations. :/

i do want to get on stage and be known as the person who had succeeded to own a scroll from the vice chancellor.but why am i not moving?

i do wanna live in a big house but why am i still here?

i do wanna be clever but all i do is sleep.

they said that this is hard.but i say i can do it.can i though?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012



moi je m'appelle j'habite a aussi étudiante.j'aime la musique,regarde film et voyager.

this is not for showing off but i gots me some test tomorrow -.-
my teachers here keep saying that we are all the chosen one.and i question myself.are we?


this happened on the 11th of september 2001.back when i was only 9 years old.i knew about this on the news we were watching at pulau tioman.a family trip.

the sentence in that picture "what if it never happened?would the world be any different?"

to me personally,i think yes.the world would've been a much peaceful planet if it weren't because of this this,the americans hated the muslim.they called us terrorists.our people were tortured and was treated rudely by their citizen. Afghanistan and iraq were victims in this case.thousands of people were name it.

i imagine that the world would be a better place because if this didn't happen,iraq and Afghanistan wouldn't have lost people from their country.all families would be perfectly blessed with what God had given to them.Bush wouldn't be a great president(based on the people of america) because he couldn't show his powers if this didn't happen.there would be no one would have died in that family would live in grieve.the world trade centre would still be the tallest building.

but what matter now is that,it one can change history.people died.afganistan and iraq lived in hell.people of america have paid for what they thought we did.they are now happy.

however,in Quran,everything has been written.all of these things should happen.and it did.can we blame God?no.what we can do is just ask ourselves and that's quite it.everything again,happens for a reason.what reason that Afghanistan and iraq had to go through hell?their people died in shahid.i'd take that as one of the positive sides.although,we don't really know why this happened,but us muslim take this as a sign.

let Allah do His job.and let us pray and thank Him for our peaceful country.alhamdulillah.

Friday, May 18, 2012

war tribunal.

the picture says it all.

i have made it :')

after all the hustling and struggling during my foundation,i guess it all paid off :)
i am now one of the students in the law faculty.
although i'm new (first semester) but this means a lot to me.
you don't know what i've been through.
i don't know what you've all been through.
so let us be proud with each other shall we?  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello are you guys today?it's been awhile since i last updated this sorry for not feeding u with my ridiculous yet obnoxiously awkward posts.i have been busy super today i will be rambling about what happened to me for the past few days.

last friday,saturday and sunday,i became a a the uk.sitting beside the judge.and saying "all rise,the court is now in session".yes people i was the bailiff.i get to yell at people for talking inside the court,i get to make the i'll-eat-you-up eye.

all the above are total nonsense.i didn't went to uk just to be a bailiff for 3 days.nope i didnt.cause if i did,i wouldn't have had the time to get to class on monday which i obviously did came on monday having that i'm living no where above 200 km from my faculty and if any of you,which i doubt,believed should know where you stand. lol

okay i'm literally not making any sense.okay so i became the bailiff for the mooting club,it was soooo soooo sooo tiring weh.but imma get my sijil insyaallah.and i dont wanna talk about it lah.

pastu jumaat lepas i went to war crimes tribunal :) i had funnnn superrr funnn :) okay mals nak type tetiba rase marah -.-

Sunday, May 6, 2012

today was undeniably tiring altho i didn't do any heavy liftings or push a thousand tons of steel.but still,it was tiring.i need to teach myself to handle situations and control my emotions.i am too sensitive.toooooooooooo sensitive.too...sensitive.
i miss my family.

friends are suppose to be the second family but huh
this post is for you.however,i know you're reading and so i think it's best if i keep it to myself. :)
hello 0105 am.i am so sleepy.i wanted to update you but xde energy dah nak fikir.bai sorry :'(

Saturday, May 5, 2012

one session became two session -.- tireddddddd but now i know how these mooters moot.insyaallah i can participate one day.

arghhh i wanted to talk about something but i forgot.soo goodbye
it was a long day today.i voluntarily volunteered myself for something i think is a burden -.- but anyhow.everyone seems happy with imma follow the flow and be happy too though my heart is saying otherwise. -.- i hope that everything will be fine.please be T_T the faster the better.and please be it for one session.i dont wanna be there forever.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

sleepy.i guess i'll be sleeping early tonight. :) goodnight cruel world.
bila dengar bunyi kapal terbang,teringat ayah. :(

sometimes when you wanna tell things to people,people tend to judge you.i get that all the time.can't i be vulnerable for once?things i share are things that i don't consider showing off but they are things that i've gone through.don't blame my past.don't roll your eyes on me saying that you're tired of my intentions are clean.

yes it's impossible for people to get what i get,but maybe it's my really wanna question God's plans?then it's up to you.

besides,i don't get those special treatments anymore.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

God heard my contract test will be held next friday.

i wish i had someone to call,to text and to talk to when i'm feeling alone.but people today don't really like listening.

sometimes i feel so lonely that i could cry out of emptiness.i wanna say i miss you but i'm scared you'd ignore me T_T
alhamdulillah,the boat that i sailed today had smoothly ported to my destination :) everything went perfectly fine today.i wish this could happen everyday but well everyday is a new day.i'm so happy for the fact that finally,me and my classmates,we talked :') it's a good start actually.i hope i did great in answering mls's quiz just now :/

yesterday,i procrastinated myself from studying malaysian legal system.i was reading and replying tweets back and forth.the thing i regret most T_T and so i didn't had enough time to sleep.i stayed up so late yesterday reading through every page of this book regarding the islamic law here in malaysia and the customary law.then when it was 430 maybe?i forced myself to sleep cause i don't think that i can survive ctu without sleeping.i tried so hard closing my eyes to get me to my dream but i failed.yes people i failed to of the most easiest thing to do in life yet i failed.i wanted to cry but i didn't,i forced myself for about 1 hour and a half and so i succeeded.woke up and felt so tired so decided to not go to ctu.i was so tired that i couldn't walk straight(literally).THAT WAS HOW TIRED I AM.i need to promise myself to get as enough sleep as i can get cause this can't go on's dangerous.

and i really hope the contract test happening this friday is a false alarm.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

angin semakin kencang,langit semakin pudar menandakan kehadian hujan yang mungkin jua palsu.
disini ku berbaring tenung masa depan dengan harapan ianya bercahaya disuluhi ilmu ku.
namun dengan keberatan yang dipikul daku kini seakan akan menangguhkan perjalanan lurus.
jika diminta angin membawaku terbang ke destinasi nescaya semua ternganga kebingungan dalam tak terurus.
maka tiade lagi yang mampu membantu selain dengan menitiskan titik peluh hasil sendiri.
dalam mencari jalan konklusi,hasutan syaitan menebal meninggi.
ku alih ke sini dan kemari jalan Tuhan yang dirahmati.
akhirnya ku bertemu jua dengan syaitan yang di keji.
mengapa ini terjadi,soal ku pada diri ini.
mungkin kah kerana aku terlalu mengejar dunia?
atau ini semua hanya fantasia semata mata?
selamat tinggal dinia berjaya
dan selamat datang dunia yang ku punya.
oh mai i forgot to welcome may with my warmest hello :) so i hope that this month shall be the same as the previous ones though i'm hoping for a better one lah kan each day :) in 13 days,my brother will officially be 22.i dont think that he'll be excited pon.but let's make a countdown :)
alhamdulillah hari ni kelas sudah tamat.tort is the only subject that could take me sky high.yang lain i cannot even...
i'm so know the kind of tired that is so tired that you cant even lift up your body to fight the tiredness?that is how i felt -.- and now i need to study my ass off for contract.bah bai