Friday, September 30, 2011

lovey dovey

hello im DR. LOVE

hihi x la gurau gurau je.i've noticed that da lama x letak gambar dlm blog so why not now.okay.i just got back from pavilion.jalan jalan smpai sakit kaki.went to Ted Baker but x jumpa pon my purse and x masuk pon marc by marc jacob sbb asyik terlps.die cm mls nak patah balik.hmm it's between two.sama ade nafsu shopping aku da berkurangn or the things yang tetap sama.went to cotton on , forever 21,dorothy perkins, semua barang masih sama.disappointing much -.- so x de menda sgt la nak mmg fully jalan tadi.pergi pon sbb kakak nak mkn pergi la kat pavi then alang2 tu jelajah je la satu tmpt tu.then ptg sikit abg wan mai mkn pizza pampered today.oh and pergi kat tokyo street tadi.mmg best lah kan.semua ade dari mknn keai instant food and super market dari okyo mai punya.and bought ice cream jepun perisa vanilla yang ade waffle tu and my sis bought green tea punya.awesome smbil jln2 :) puas la hihih

oh lupa pasal kedai typo hih weh this will be like my fav kedai la after this.semua benda yang aku nak semua ade.semua yang i could kate dunia tumblr mmg sesuai la dtg situ kan.aku nak dtg situ lg.beli note pad yang cntk gila and i got my eye on that one gambar.that costs rm 119.insyaallah satu hari nnt aku beli and one from ikea tu.muah sikit la tapi rm49 :) due ni is so on my list.kbai

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i really hope that this will never happen between me and my gfs.:') sedih weh kaau jadi x rapat da T__T.i love you guys.kalau diferent in a good way x pe la :)

sooner or later.

i'm actually torn between a lot of things and i've been thinking.can i cope with it?with the degree i'm about to take?law?can i do law?or should i make considerations on other courses?yeah i do want law.but thats just it.the surface of it.what about inside?foundation pon da tunggang langgang ni kan pula degree yang cm wayyy more susah and everything has to do with memorizing .now that gives me the chiles.i am not that good in memorizing but i'd lie if i say im not good at talking too.i love talking *i may be annoying sometimes.*sigh.thats not the point.skang ni cm if i can speak kenapa tidak amek masscom?well maybe sbb abg i da x nak la amek sama.ade la dulu pernah nak amek sama but skang da amek law i might as well stick with it.tapi tu la.can i do this my path?hmm insyaallah i'll think about it more deeply.sbb maybe kalau dapat la pointer lepas,i think im going with but still akan consider juga la.sbb aku takut sgt i cant commit.aku da la jenis study last minute.i cant bear with not sleeping anymore.tapi kalau strat study awal then ilmu cepat hilang.takut tension.ade both sides la of thinking about this is nnt x yah pening2 then the other one is asking mysels the same question within this holiday.hihi nnt i nak i can talk and wanna get the degree.tapi do i wanna be a lawyer?ibu cakap kalau ade degree law,then its easier for me to get jobs.kalau nak amek masscom la katekn,then apa guna aku memenuhi syarat masik law kan?nak amek saikologi lagi bnyk menghafal.kalau amek administration science?yes im sure that most of u who are reading might say "quit whining!mana ade benda yang senang dalam dunia ni" but bukan apa.i've been in this situation dulu i really wanted to get into addmath's class cikgu semua tanya boleh ke buat nnt aku dlm hati "ala aku x cuba lagi cikgu ni nak ckp aku x leh buat" and at the end,aku mmg x boleh buat pon addmath.tapi math boleh.pelik -.- ,so same la cm situasi ni."aku nak law,mmg org ckp susah tapi aku x cuba lagi mana nak tau" haa itu yang aku bgtau diri aku.and mase nak isi borang rayuan tu pon ramai ckp law ni susah and all.but lepas ikut instinct,it wasnt that bad pon..i love law :) tapi kene ingt itu asasi.haa tu yang aku runsing sikit tu.but im sure semua course on untuk degree jadi 10 times harder same goes to law la.the thing is u have to be good in memorizing je la.huh kene bnyk bace quran.jangn tengok benda x elok semua.insyaallah boleh.maklumlah influence tv kan skang.i think i'm good,but need some more time la.need to think straight before i crash in the middle of the road.hmm hope to be under one roof dengn gadis sempurna saya.tapi x tau la.aku kene kurg ckp benda kosong dan membuat lawak bodoh.haih options2.pening kopalo.kbai

nak update juga.

good night everyone :) am off to sleep later but feel like updating me blog first.dont know what to talk about but for some weird reason i feel like and sheryn are planning to see tasha in brisbane.we've been planning the same thing for the last 1 year sbb masing2 bz.tapi sbb skang due2 pon cuti so it'll be easier la.mommy da bagi :) so nak plan betul2 la ngn si senah tu.kalau tmpt tggl,ddk rumah tasha je.i hope jadi la.amin :)

now im listening to adele's someone like lagu ni sbb die bermelody.rease cm nak karoke lagu ni pulo dah.cuti ni i wanna get my license done and a car :) hihih lepas tu da beres then senang la saya nak gerak ke sana ke mari.then bulan november nak ke brissy with sheryn.tadi pergi ioi mall then ade kedau casanovas rase jual carpet kan.teringt kat z girls mase berangn nak decorate rumah.miyah cadang kita buat gaya hidup jepun je.ddk ats lantai.tadi nmpk carpet tu.cntk dan lembut tp da target nak beli kat ikea yang colourfull.cntk brah ! hihi tapi x nak berangn lebih sbb nnt takut kecewa dengn keptusan bakal dapt.haih berjaya la endaknya.janji x ulang mistake same -.- last2 minute da x blh dan juga spot x boleh dipercayai.sekian

Monday, September 26, 2011

no more.

no more going down to check out my more waking up and looking at the opposite side of more going to bath late(yeah right).no more going to pengkalan iman to melantak and stop being more laughing like more gossiping with the more gelak dato' more indian more haru more more sexual more response due to sexual more discussions on more plans in answering the same more analysis on past more waiting to go to more heavy make up -.- no more stress in mix and matching more jira atas katil no more korean more bilik berhabuk.hahaha no more going to class more going to the more meeting the more communicating with the top more talking about cute guys.

these are all memories that left me with smile.i'm happy i got to keep these memories.and hope to start new in shah alam kelak.with all the same girls all the dreams may come true.amin hihih

oh and if i got in shah alam.i promise u it'll be a hell of a new stories and new updates.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


finally that's the end of our journey in safe at home right now and home is where i wanna be after the lack of sleep ive gone through for the whole final week.penat sangat tapi ade yang berbaloi dan ade yang tidak.and yes,u are not worth my sacrifice.hahah tapi x pe.kalau ade rezeki then im not goin back to merok la.i miss the people there already atau mungkin sekang x rase sangt.nnt bila da lama tu rase la.mana x nya aku da la pendatang wajib ke blik cinta ayu jelita dan cantik.dituruti oleh anggun dan si kacak bila dengar suara aku aka manje turun.hahah bertujuh sekang mata x tdo study bro.2 sem lepas aku study sesorang je tapi sem tiga ni jadi beramai ramai pula.sem ni la nak luang masa with firends and the same time kene struggle for finals.aku da berusaha and its time to tawakal.hmm anything that comes through my mind later,i'll drop it here so rajain la bace this gonna miss my lovelies so bad.bai bai

god bless.

alhamdulillah.habis sudah perjuangan aku seagai seorang pre law :) aku akan rindu sangat saat saat akhir time bergerak dengan lajunya.aku ingat lagi first time datang merbok dan sekarang i just finished my last paper here in which case it sucked to the fullest.didnt see this one comeing like seriously.but apart from that i am blessed with thethings here and how my life was written.i am happy to meet with the friends yang memang sangat best :) i am happy with everything despite the times yang ade juga tension sana sini.:') aku gembira aku da habis asasi :) aku harap la dengan usaha aku ni,akan smpai la ke shah alam dengan diberkati.the best college life i've ever had although um xde curfew -.- tapi sini tetap best.hahahah aku da habis asasi sunia!!sekarang je la boleh gembira :) nnt dpt result aku hiatus sat la. hi hi hi hi...ka la bai :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i wanna be with you.

alhamdullah one paper heart best was at it biggest climate tadi berdegup x ingat dunia.was really afraid yang apa yang saya bace x keluar.tetapi alhamdullah.terima kasih YA ALLAH.:) so now i have to get started for my second paper.i wanna step foot in shah alam make all my dreams come true.amin.tolong la ade tempat untuk aku.but the question is can i cope with it?asasi pon da cm bising sana sini.ini kan ke degree pula.mmg akan susah lagi la kan.but i'll try my best to make my mum proud of me.i've gone too far to turn back or worse give up.i'm gonna push myslef and i deserve it.sape suruh x start awal.kan da menyesal.xpe la.this is how me rollz.hihihi oky la pergi dulu

Saturday, September 17, 2011

no excuse.

now only i can feel the heat.things are getting smaller in m sight as there's only three more days to struggle and im sure ive no more time.i am officially scared.i am trying to reduce my sleeping time and try my best to finish these on time.if i could cover up my global and law subject,what happens to my economy man???x kan left out gitu je?cm no ni?im not good at making schedule la.terbengkalai habis.but i'll try my best to fit in kat shah alam.nak juga walaupon kene himpit.I AM GOIN TO SHAH ALAM!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


i know im suppose to feel happy leaving this place sbb da habis asasi weh?sape yang x gembira dok?but these girls la,always make merbok the best place ever la.mereka ni,makin hari saya makin sayang.haih cm ne nak lepaskan korang nnt? :'( nanges la kot hujung nnt.da la semua balik 25 hb.x de pon yang nak balik lmbt -.- haih then ddk rumah contact2 la.aku doa la semua berjaya.kalau nak berjaya x boleh update blog time time gini.kene study kbai

beep beep.

i dont know where to start.

dear future.

before i open the book and start being a zombie.i wanna share with u guys about my dream.

my dream is to marry a rich educated and a nice travel around the world with love him all my heart and to have babies with him.i love kids and so want least 3 kids would be fine :) i want my first baby to be a boy so that he can protect his sisters with care.i wanna own 3 houses from 3 places 1) kuala lumpur 2)pulau penang 3) london.why?well kl is bcos i mmg da lama stay sini and im getting used to it.jalan semua da recognize da.sosenang la nak gerak memana besides all the things i like is all here.nak shopping semua kan.hihi the why in penang?hmm right after my dad passed away,this urge of living in penang starts to grow.i've found one place yang insyaallah one day i'd like to buy which is located at batu feringghi.nama tmpat tu moonlight bay.sangat cantik tmpt itu.and last but not least london.i've lov london since i first step foot kat sana.among all the places ive been to,london is one i not sure why but i can actually find peace there.mmg la baru ade riot but that place is so fun and it has a lot of memories with my family too.i love london.and malaysia too dont get me wrong.:) okay so nak la rumah kat tiga2 tempat ni.

so what else?before kawen i nak ade my degree in law and safe as much memories as possible macam di merbok ni and insyaallah smbung masters kat luar juga kalau jumpa future husband kat luar nanti.u know why i prefer to marry guys yang blaja di luar negara?sbb bila travel he can lead the way u know.senang mcm my dad dulu.kitrg pernah sesat kat amsterdam,then pusing punya pusing my dad dpt juga jumpa jln balik.haa im so proud of him.yeah kind of mcm tu have a husband exactly like my dad is a bless gila gila.amin :) then i can show some pictures to my daughters and son hihi.cakap pasl daughter and son.kalau i dpt anak lelaki,i wanna name him imaan or noah or noh.kalau perempuan naomi anna and zara.kalau kembar pasangn naomi and noah tu la hihih nama anak semua nak simple je cnth nya zara binti... haa i nak anak nama satu je.x de panjang2.tapi kene juga tengok maksud die.tu sangat penting.and kalau rumah,i prefer living in a penthouse.lantai rumah nak pasang fully carpet cm hotel tu hihih kalau banglo ok la tapi kene bnyk duit sgt2 sbb tau la aku nak decorate cm ne nnt.

dear future kids of mine,
i am gonna love u guys like u guys are my life my soul.i will try to fulfill ur needs and fill in ur religious background.ingat Tuhan yang cipta kita.kita kene sentiase berdoa pada DIA.jangan pernah lupa kat Tuhan okay syang semua?jangan juga lupakan jasa orang tua kamu iaitu saya dengan bakal daddy kamu la.hihi sekarang ni i tengah type time umur 19 tahun lagi beberapa hari lagi nak final.hiih and fyi,i tgh single lagi ye anak2 ku.hahah x de bf lagi -.- mak kau ni loser haa mase muda.jgn la repeat prangai mama kamu ni.hihi belajar rajin2 tau.jgn gatai nak bercinta sgt.dapat straight a's mama bg hadiah.satu A dpt satu hadiah.tu pon kalau hidup i senang la.hmm nmpknya i la yang kene tentukan mase depan korg.tggl kat rumah setinggan ke rumah banglo atau mungkin rumah terapung bila korg da ade nnt?mana nak tau,teknology kan. :) sekarang i tgh dgr lagu yuna.nnt korg da ade,yuna mungkin x famous lagi sbb da zaman apa da.n lagu lama2 je nnt ha.hmm habis je i buat foundation in law,insyaallah boleh la smbung degree law pula.nnt da jadi lawyer la baru blh hidup senang sayang :) haa tgk la cm ne.mesti kalau mama kamu ni x berjayapastu mase korg bace korg akan ckp "knp la mama x blaja rajin2 dulu,kalau x boleh la tggl kat london tu" atau mungkin kalau i berjaya korg akan ckp "mama,semua impian mama jadi kenyataan" hihi wah sejuknya hati..haa x lupa juga.sekarang kelas mama KPI0053D.kelas ni mase tahun 2011 iaitu tahun ini sangat best.i sgt syg kelas ini.terutamanya kawan baik mama.yes i do have best friends,x la loser mana.haha la kawan2 i mase blaja ni.dorg la yang ajar diri ini dan buat i senyum.kalau nak tau dorg la aunty fana aunty mun yang kat sabah tu and aunty miyah kat kelantan sibuk uruskan firm die.aunty mimi and aunty qila yang selalu dtg tu n aunty ziqah tu.:)korg nnt jgn jadi anti social sgt cari kawan yang boleh diharap.jgn silap pilih kawan tau syg semua.jgn isap rokok,buat yang x elok,solat cukup 5 waktu,ingat TUHAN,taat kat mak bapak,jgn mempermainkan perasaan orang and phone i bagi time korang nak masuk university je.awal2 x dpt la derr.hahaha laptop pula guna yang i punya je.passing2 dari abg ke adik semua.jgn berebut.laptop satu je untuk sekeluarga.hahah padan muka :) bottom line is,im gonna make ur life as fun as mine gonna love u guys all my heart.insyaallah i'll prepare a good future for all of you.jgn risau ye,:)

hmm gembiranya aku kalau semua ni berlaku.hihih tapi awkward gila gelar diri sendiri mama.haha yup i want my children to call me mama and daddy for their bapak.hmm mesti nnt kalau bapak die bace post ni pon gelak.hihi best gak buat post gini.nnt boleh bace semula semua :) nanti anak2 aku boleh la jumpe ngn sepupu dorg semua abang gubby and all.haha nenek imah and tok wan mail :)

haa ini la die impian saya.haha siap tulis surat untuk anak2 lagi.haha bosan punya pasal.hmm k la saya nak study untuk mase depan saya.kbai :D

thank u girls :)

i had fun tonight.i wanna make every minute counts.thank u for teaching me :) i love you fnamiyahmunmimiqilaandziqah :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


if i were to be anywhere that has everything,friends and family,i'd be here in merbok.although it's only been a year compared to 2 years of staying in broad school,i have composed a lot of memories here.i must leave now.nak study dari tadi lagi -.- rajinn-ness please la come to me bebeh.

right hand,cold blood.

so i dont know where to start.i think im gonna go with economics first but then again there's a lot to cover for global and law.which is which?i am officially long world.i must leave.

stop and stare.

smiley smiley smiley :) so hello there*slang bri'ish.hahah so i know im supposed to study by now however,badrun kata miyah ajak lunch satg and boleh la terus hantar assignment aka final be honest i had fun finishing my draft like seriously.i never thought that i could be that committed.maybe one day i can be a journalist or a socialite? hihih.well i do love approaching people and writing so that solves the math prob.the reason im updating this is because i feel like i need to.woke up in the morning and cant stop thinking of updating my apple:)

yes i like talking crap.actually,i forgot the main reason of me updating this thing -.- tu yang merapu.okaylah sbb x tau nak ckp apa then i might as well terus merapu.semester ini akan berakhir maka cuti pon akan bermula.i am gonna miss my three bees the most.miss that tembun that chinese and that pretty lady who never think she is pretty.:) these girl la always make me smile one.x buat i smile pon being with them saje pon i already feel wajib la kene ade.kalau x jumpe sehari boleh rindu brah.hahah yeah that is how much i love them.we always berangan that one day we could live together in shah alam as soon as weve started the freshmen year in BLS.i hope that dream of ours will come true.katanya miyah is the tukang masak,i'll be the driver,mun ddk sebelah i and fna goyang kaki kat blakang.hahah pastu bila shopping i tolak trolly mun amek barang n fna just point to the things thats needed.miyah mesti la kat rumah.hahah so kalau ade mimi n qilah and ziqah will be more havoc la that house.hmm i really think i can do matluthfi ckp,beat your problems.and thats what im gonnaa do.

nanti bila da smpai shah alam,i nak bagi these girls gemuk.nak bawa ke mcm2 kedai.haha haih suka sangat berangn aku ni -.- harap jadi la kenyataan.but to make this a reality i have to chnge what im doing.i have to give a 100% effort weh.tuhan x kan ubah nasib seseorang melainkan orang tu cuba untuk mengubahnya.insyaallah aku akan berusaha dan hanya tawakal pada result yang akan datang.nak dpt pointer bagus je untuk lepas 3.pastu kalau aku minx law pastu x dpt,then maybe im not up for it.just gimme the good pointer je la.cukup ke zureen?u must want kat shah alam juga kan?yes i do.huh la xde benda yang senang.nak minx ibu post barang pon susah ni kan ke nak study.10 kali ganda la nyah-.-

my room is so messy right now.biase tiga2 sem pon.kalau nk dekat2 finals mmg akan semak.teruk gila la.hahahah okay la da x tau nak tulis apa.semoga semua orang yang aku knl berjaya la ndaknya :) lastly,never did i thought akan dapat kawan dari jitra,sabah dan kelantan yang boleh l masuk perangai.hhi ni pon aku kene terima kasih pada-NYA :) thank u ALLAH.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

papers and plastics.

there u u all can see ive done some changes just to be a better blogger.yeah i wanna stand next to those who are great in blogging :) i cant wait to end this and start new.kejap je lagi habis la riwayat aku di merbok.nak peluk sana sini.and poof cuti selama 5 bulan insyaallah :) hope to see every single person from my class kat shah alam nnt.hhihihi okay la saya mengntuk namun nak membaca sedikit lah.baiklah selamat tinggal dunia blogging buat sementara.sekian

fill me in :)

yeah PL3D :)

situ seperti biase aku over sekali -.-

the last stand.

hello there fellow readers :) how have you guys been?as for me i've been perfect :) i've decide to put my emotions aside and just focus on whats next.however,today is not mainly about me but my whole's not fair for me to say that i have the best classmates but unfortunately i do.we've been together for about a year and 5 months now.quite frankly i am always happy with these people despite the conflict that has been goin on for about a few months now.all the memories will be kept safely in my mind,in my phone and anywhere yang ade. realizing that we have reached the end and letting u guys go is the hardest thing to do.i really hope that we could meet again one day.i really mean it bitches!i love you guys.

my three bees :) miyah fna and moon.

*sigh.things have been losing we gained.betul ckp tikah.writing about this is very emotional i have friends from all over the state.and they turned out to be my best.i love my class love my girls and i love my enemies.i love them all.although the three other guys dont get to be with us,but korang masih dlm ingatan i hope the best for all of you guys. :')

Monday, September 12, 2011

so many dim dopsy.

i am hanging by a's between getting in or out.i feel like a loser when i got all the requirements to further my studies yet the pointer is stopping me from going,this is all about my effort now.i need to make that dry leaf to make it alive again.i need to get good grades for this semester so that i can get what i want.i need to focus.i need all the recipes lah untuk further this thing.knowing that i got through pon will make me happy right ye la manusia.x pernah cukup.but we are living to gain more knowledge each day kan?that's the exact reason we live basically?my head is so empty right now.everything is mixed up together and i cant think straight.can i get this?or its just not meant to be?god is testing me?yes i know.everyone is relieved bila dapat result sebab semua did great and for me?why la did i take this fucking important semester for granted? T___T aku kene struggle sgt2.quite frankly i think i can do this insyaallah.

huh,so what's up ya'll?i am offically fucked up.tapi x pe.i'll try my best .

Sunday, September 11, 2011

quick update

i miss you.yeah i do.that's the first thing i thought when i saw u.i wish u knew and we could go on being normal.i can't sleep yesterday thinking of you.of how madly im in love with i missed you how i smiled and how i love talking to u instead of the same time,i cant stop thinking of how stupid i am lying

yes guys,this is me.selalu menyesal degngan apa yang telah berlaku and never try to look forward.kenapa aku selalu terperangkap in my pass?i keep on thinking about my dad,and ye la yang lama.cant i move on?yes i can.

ahhh apa aku merepek ni?ade bnyk gila kerja patut disiapkan -.- malasssss tapi kene juga buat?kene la kot.mlssss lagi lagi dan lagi!