Friday, July 27, 2012

rumah dah jumpa alhamdulillah.tapi nak tunggu orang pula.hmm semua datang time senang sahaja.setelah kita berusaha untuk mendapatkan mereka tempat berteduh,masih tidak pasti dengan keputusan masing2.sampai nya hati....

tapi tak pe,i'm like 45% ready in terms of stuff.bahan bahan untuk katil semua sudah sempurna.barang dapur insyaallah dah ade ibu nak bagi.dan baju semua nak kene beli lagi sikit.juga bag dan kasut baru.tudung pon,kene ade lots of them.

all in all,ni semua cm x penting sangat pon.yang penting result keluar 3hb ogos.hati berdebar tapi muka cool.kalau bukan seperti yang diexpect iaitu,no fail.jadi,mungkin hati akan runtuh.menangis kesedihan.tapi aku yakain dengan jawapan yang diberi.insyaallah.

semoga di bulan ramadhan,setimpal kesabaran akan diberikan kepada umat islam yang taat pada tuhan.ketabahan,dan keimanan.insyaallah.semoga perjalanan untuk ke menara gading tiada masalah untuk ditempuhi.semuanya,minta minta,berjalan dengan lancar.

result oh result.tolong lah jangan kecwakan aku.semoga semua nya yang sudah berusaa akan berjaya.mungkin ade yang dapat lebih dari apa yang diusahakan,bersyukur,dapat kurang dari yang impikan,bersyukur.ini semua ujian.tetapi persoalannya,boleh kah kita tabah menerima dengan redha bagi yang kurg memuaskan?

harap sangat result sem ni ok as in xde fail.bagi semangat untuk try harder YA ALLAH. :')
i am a strong woman.insyaallah

Friday, July 20, 2012

i can give out great motivations to people but me?i don't have any.
ramadha sudah tiba semoga semua tak ke mana.

okay lame pantun up hey everyone :D lama dah tak update.well the first semester just ended.found us a place to live and imma grown up now -.- im 20 years old.hooray.....there's a lot to say before but i forgot.boi

Saturday, July 7, 2012

alhamdulillah.with the help from kak siti,now we are secured with a house though i need to call the tenant first but i'm happy :) i need to change.but when?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

sometimes i feel like hurting myself.i am such a shame to everyone and to me.i wish my mind could be replaced with a new one.or if each comes with a reset button it'll make everything easier.i feel well i was going to say stupid but the word is rather too strident.i'll go with not-so-smart.i feel not so smart.there are times when i finally feel good about myself.being accepted by a lot of people.having great friends.getting good grades.standing among the best.but those moments stopped and vary with the ones that i'd rather not talk about here.

feelings change so fast.i couldn't even grab any as it shatters so fast to the ground.good job gravity.but the point here is,at one moment i'm happy and the next,i'm like in the wonderland trying to be alice.

keep telling myself that law is supposed to be hard.we are trained to become lawyers.and lawyers aren't just lawyers.lawyers equals money.we're being paid to present the truth.and students like me,are the ones still on the sea.trapped in a small bottle,taking separate ways.thinking of which way to go STILL.people like me can't represent a firm.i'm too lazy.huh this is not how law students cherish their study week. :(

i could call myself a sore loser.but somehow inside of me.a small voice keeps saying that i can do this.this is what i want and i'm not going to back down.i never give up before i fight (though not literally).i'm contemplating really.

the first paper was a disaster,the second was too and followed by the i'm hoping hat the forth would help me set a higher bar?and the are my last hope.

this one's for you mum. :')

nampak disitu perkataan hat terbukti terlalu taksub dengan dunia fantasi.