Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i've been so worried these past few days.can't think straight.i miss my life although this is not really a big deal.i don't know how to express this feeling.i just think that no one understands it but me.i started it n i shall end it immediately.i really don't appreciate the way they treated their customer.n yes,i'm one of those customers.partially i'd like to say it was my fault but i don't deserve it still.i really hope that this will turn out i could just live my life as normal as before.n in my world normal means sitting at home and talking to myself.i am a psychotic person but perhaps a brilliant one.muehehehe

oh and i'd like to say that i don't enjoy being lied to nor do i enjoy seeing u make a fool out of yourself.note this,if u want to continue lying in people's face,then it's ur call.but it seems to me that u are not going to like the feedback that u're going to get.u know,it's never to late to admit everything but instead u chose to make it not consider me a hater but do consider me as a curios person.u couldn't even handle the truth that's written on the screen of ur computer and how do u expect to confront with one?just saying's short,u might as well just enjoy it and be nice or regret lying to the people that to u are bitches and whores enemies and backstabbers.i may not know what's your agenda but God does.

Friday, November 25, 2011

just saying

i love my mum and dad.i don't wanna see my mum getting old but that's the way of life.i know i've been so bad.but i am just not the kind that tells to ur face that i love u.i don't tell my feelings like feelings of love or happiness to my close ones.i only share them with my friends or here blogging about it.i love u ibu.i love u so much.u've been a very strong women throughout the years without having ur husband beside u.ayah,i miss u and i love u so's sad not getting the chance to see u grow old with's been years since we last visited ur grave.ayah i miss u and ibu thank u for everything.i'm sorry for my misbehavior or when i don't listen to ur instructions or even when i don't help when u needed my help.i'm sorry.u might look just fine from the outside but hurting stupid am i.i was so selfish.i should've thought about it cause i feel the same way every time.however,the only thing that i still can't get over is the fact that u remarried.that's it.that's the one thing that disturbs me.on top of it,i love u so much.i hope i don't grow up being someone who doesnt appreciate a mother.ya Allah,i love my mother.bersihkanlah hati aku,buka kanlah pintu hati aku.amin n ayah,u'll always be in my heart.i love u both.the best parents ever,i wouldn't ask for anyone better.insyallah insyaallah insyaallah.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


hello readers :) howwa you?good?great! :) i wanna go somewhere tomorrow.i really miss going out.and my only friend yang akan berada bersama ku tika keluaq ialah sheryn aref.muehehe selalu keluaq ngn die and kalau ade teah skali lalu ler.huh i really need to start thinking the point of me posting.hmm what is interesting?what's new?i don't know!cause i'm not outside to witness T_T i am a one sick pathetic girl living in kuala lumpur and not knowing what's happening around me.again T_T i don't even watch ne bila aku ade bf nnt pastu die ajk tgk bola pastu i'm like "sorry i x minat bola".haa acane?mesti die x nak kat i da.but who cares!i do*whisper.anyhoo,what matters is that i am single now so i might as well just enjoy the moment of not being committed to anything kan. okay now i'm just ranting.k la bye.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


okay so good morning everyone :) i have not slept yet and so i think it would be a good idea if i blog instead of doing nothing while waiting for the sun to rise.i literally play a lot of games right now.i wasn't interested in any games before.believe me.i never did agreed on anything that has to do with games.but now i'm surely addicted to the sims.but not anymore.i got tired on that one -.- okay i want u guys to read this post with a british accent cause i am doing it as we speak.hahah bloody hell,i'm so funny! .... okay moving on as usual,i have no reason watsoever in posting this post but just to show u guys the magic of an ipad this ipad is my sister's but i use it daily -.- it's fun,u get all the cool games and the camera is quite good i must's a pucture that partially shows u guys what an ipad 2 can do.look carefully.maybe about 5 minutes then u will see?u really have to look carefully.this is rather interesting i'm sure of it.there u go.LOOK!

look carefully.

thank you for following my instructions,you guys are a hell of a reader!
it turned me into Angelina Jolie okbai.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

a short story

ring ring!
jared:is this julia?
julia:yes speaking.
jared:yeah im calling from the hospital here,do you know who adam is?
julia:yeah,he's my boyfriend,what is happening here?you're starting to freak me out.
jared:well,can you come by?it'll be a lot easier for me to tell.
julia:i'll be there in a sec.

in the hospital.
julia walked in the hospital and straight to the information counter.
julia:excuse me. how can i help you miss?
julia:yeah actually i received a call earlier from a doctor who said my boyfriend was here. yes,miss julia is it?follow me.
julia,followed the lady and was afraid of any bad news. will be right here in a moment,make yourself comfortable.

julia smiled and sat on the chair nearby,only god knows what she feels right now.her heart was pumping so fast but she took a deep breath and keep herself calm.she staired at people that are sent to emergency rooms and she was..

DR.sam:miss julia?
julia:came back from her imagination*oh yes,dr.sam is it?
dr.sam:haa,yes,sorry for keeping you waiting.come in.
julia walks in dr.sam's office and sat down.
julia:what is actually happening here dr?
dr.sam:well,adam wants me to call you here.he had a bad accident just now.
julia:what?why didnt he tell me?where is he?*stood up and hoping that the dr will too.
dr.sam:well im afraid he just passed away half an hour ago,right after i called you and most probably while you were on your way here.
julia:what?!*started crying.*why didnt you called me earlier?
dr.sam:it was adam that told me not to call you.because he didnt want you to cry in front of him.
julia:wait how do you know about me?why did you wanted to tell me when he didnt even told you about me?

ring ring!
julia:i'll be back in a minute*went outside and took the call while crying.
adam:yeah baby,why did you sound shocked?i'll be right there okay?
julia:what?what is this?is this a joke?and you think its funny somehow you motherfucking bitch!
adam:whoa whoa!easy,whats with the temper?we had a date remember?you me dinner?you forgot?come on give me a break.
julai:im in the hospital right now.*getting really weird.
adam:what are you doing in a hospital babe?anyone sick?aunt baba?
julia:no,i came in because of you,the doctor said that you had an accident.
adam:well i think im fine babe,im driving now.

julia hung up and went back into the room.
julia:hey shit you think this is a joke?do you find this funny?
doctor:im sorry miss julia,what did you just call me?
julia:i called u shit and damn straight i did!

this was what i found.a story i wrote in my old blog.i find it rather interesting and here i wanna continue the story.hihi

while waiting for adam,julia dwelled into the past when they first met.
adam:is this sit taken?
julia:oh no's not.
adam:okay thank you :) what are you doing here alone?
julia:well actually the boy over there is my brother.i am his nanny for a week.our parents went to rome for their 25th anniversary.
adam:wow how romantic.i wonder who'd be my wife one could be u,u know?
julia with a puzzled face.* excuse me?
adam:well me mum told me that if u look at a woman and you constantly tell yourself to go talk to her whilst your heart is beating real fast that basically you are suffocating,then she's definitely a keeper.and looking at you just fulfilled the inquiries.
julia:oh my,a sweet talker you are.but i'm not falling for it.
adam:well,i'm sorry if i was being so charming.
they laughed throughout the day and dated since.

nurse:oh hello julia,*patting her back*i think u should head home now,it's gettig late.*sitting next to julia*u know people come and go,it's normal.i'm sorry for your lost.
julia:oh no no,the doctor was bf didn't died.he just called me.
nurse:u need to follow me.come*grabbing julia's hand with care.
julia:but adam's coming later to fetch me.
in the ward,the nurse pulled a white clothe off a corpse
nurse:your bf is adam samuel right?and this is him?
julias got shocked and took a few steps back.she pulled herself together and tried to get one more glance of the corpse.
julia:omg!this cannot be happening.he called me an hour ago,before he was even admitted.
nurse:well according to this board,he just checked in 18 minutes ago.maybe the his father made a mistake.
julia:who's father?what?i don't understand.
nurse:well Dr.Sam is adam's's even hard for him to accept that his son had cancer.
julia:cancer?i thought Dr.Sam told me he got into an accident?
nurse:oh my what did i just do.i'm sorry,i wasn't suppose to tell u.i'm sorry.
julia:tell me what?

Dr.Sam:adam,julia is out answering your call.i can't do this son.
adam:daddy,don't tell julia that i'm going today.make something up,please*with an awfully sick voice*.i'm going to call her.please be ready in ur your office
Dr.Sam went away.
adam:yeah baby,why did you sound shocked?i'll be right there okay?i'm on my way to your house.
julia:what?what is this?is this a joke?and you think its funny somehow you motherfucking bitch!
adam:whoa whoa!easy,whats with the temper?we had a date remember?you me dinner?you forgot?come on give me a break.*while crying slowly*
julai:im in the hospital right now.*getting really weird.
adam:what are you doing in a hospital babe?anyone sick?aunt baba?
julia:no,i came in because of you,the doctor said that you had an accident.
adam:well i think im fine babe,im driving now.

nurse:adam called you from the hospital.he was dying.he told Dr.Sam to tell u that he got into an accident so that you'd come here.he did not want to see u cry in front of him.he didn't want u to see him sick.i am so sorry that you've to know this way.

ring ring
julia:it's adam calling.*with a very slow voice due to being very tired from crying* hello?
adam;hello baby,if you're listening to this message right now,i know i won't be there for u anymore.i love u julia and always will.u were my first and will be my last which already was.i'm sorry i didn't told u that i had cancer.i didn't want this thing to keep us apart.i know you'll get very mad when knowing the truth and so i used all of our time to spend as much time as we can together.thank u for coming to the hospital and be with me.although u don't get to see me but knowing u were there is enough.i love u baby.don't cry.move on baby.cause i already have.*end of mesage.

the end.

Friday, November 18, 2011

a short note.

ayah,ueen x suka walaupon sikit kehidupan yang baru ni.ueen paham tuhan da tarik ayah.ueen rindu ayah.i've never got the chance to tell u this.i love u ayah.gambar ayah besar dlm bilik ni,kalau lalu x pndang pon x boleh sbb mmg akn terpandang.knp ueen x nak pandang?sbb ueen rindu.da bnyk kali i've told myself to move on.but how ayah?i lost u when i was 14.i remembered how u looked at me mase ayah ditarik nurse apa guna ueen nangis kan ayah?hmm ueen x suka sgt kehidupan yang much as im trying to not let it show but each time,makin ketara.i hate this so much.n i don't know when can i accept this.dekat sana kan,ayah nmpk ueen x?kadang2 ueen ckp sorg2 tu ayah ade ke?ayah i'm sorry i am not one of those anak yang baik,but i will try my best.benci ke x.bukn ade beza.ueen kene juga lalui semua kan?alone.ayah,i hope i got into law school.would u be proud of me?of course u would.but i just can't see ur reaction la kan.i wish i can see ur reaction.u wanna know knp ueen tau u'll be proud of me ?sbb mase i got the highest marks dlm kelas for science pon u were so happy.basically,apa yang kitorg buat,semua made u happy.eventhough we failed at something,but u never failed to lift us back up.huh enough la.I LOVE U AYAH!*peluk bantal.ueen bayangkan ni ayah :) bai bai

dear readers.

thank u for even having the thought of visiting my down-to-earth blog.hewhewhewhew i only type for what i think is exciting,important,random and stuff,and basically what comes through my mind every minute of every hour.if i've offended u in any way,i apologize.i didn't mean to.did this blog for me myself and maybe for some close friends and family.other than just using my spare time with writing random shit.i also shout out my feelings here.everyone is welcome to walk with me through my journey of life.what i see and what i saw will definitely be updated.unless if i just ate tons of chicken wings or buffalo wings.*means that i'm too lazy*then only u have to wait months for my upcoming new posts.:) u might find a lot of mistakes here and there in terms of spelling or even grammatical errors,i'm sorry.i wrote this in english obviously shows u guys out there that i am trying to improve my english skills.i would like to be one of those who talks fluent that i don't get to catch up.once i'm done with mastering myself in english,i'd like to start speaking in full British of my dream is to own a house in this step might help me blend in with the london-ers :) a human is not called a human if u are not judgemental.and so,to those who judge me by only reading a few of my posts,u are welcome.i'm glad i could share with u guys a little bit about me.

ok post ni random gila kbai

Saturday, November 12, 2011



ok these are some pictures of my room semasa sedang semak.i'm on my way to kemas i'll update later mase da kemas ok ? :)

i've been tagged.

1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer. 4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER
6.No tag back! 7.No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people.

11 things about me.

okay where do i start hmmm.

  1. sensitive,very sensitive.tears and me?we're best friends.
  2. i've a big heart.
  3. i love singing/acting/dancing n i'm capable of doing so.
  4. loves reading/watching romantic movies till i cry.
  5. i can't live without the internet n of course my dear lappy doo dip :)
  6. i love decorating or anything about designing.
  7. lost a father back in 2006 whom i love so much.
  8. loves shopping!girls gotta get what girls gotta get!
  9. i love eating/swimming
  10. funny at times.
  11. i wanna travel around the world to finish what my dad started :)
there u go,11 things about me n now the questions :)

My Question:
1. Your best vacation trip?
well theres only a few places we've been so all of em'?just to name a few well all over europe,england,hong kong.

2. What are your secret talents?
sleeping all day?but i can't cause imma girl?

3. One bad attitude you have?
i don't talk to someone if we are in a fight cause if i said i was sorry,i'm afraid she'll be like "fuck u" so x nak la.takot!

4. How many times you fall in love in a year?
a lot!n mostly artiste.but reality wise,nope i don't.i just like to see some guy's smile n body.that's it.

5. The most crazy thing that you've done and regret?
i flipped at my cousin and it was the fight of the year.

6. You best friends name?
i've got a lot of friends so let's just keep it that way :)

7. A phrase you always use?
one day.

8. A word that describes you the most?

9. What do you want for your next birthday?
a bentley an iphone 4s.thank u :)

10. Who is the most annoying person in your life?
my brother

11. Atyqah Rose is cool or Pretty?
pretty is not an option cause everyone knows u are,n so i'll go with cool.u're cool :)

i don't have enough friends so i'll only answer the questions.mueheehe just for fun :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

i love u

so it has been more than a month since i last saw my friends back in merbok.i remembered how sad everyone was after the finals ended.but it's a relief knowing that most of us got it through.i hope to see everyone there.i think i'm going with my guts.i'm taking law.this is what i family and friends are supporting so i thought,what the heck.i love what i'm doing.hmm i'm happy that me n the girls made it through.we got it!semua dpt g shah ye la things are unpredictable kan.miyah is having some problems with deciding which to take,n my two lovelies fna n mimi are taking their muet.i hope that everything will go smoothly.i really wanna see u guys so badly.kalau x nak ddk rumah sewa sesama pon at least kita dpt la jumpe kat sana kan.mkn2 ke.kita ddk hostel kat dlm pon jadi lah!hihihi i love u guys!thank u for ur help.without u guys.mungkin aku x kan dapat ni semua.i love u all :')

Friday, November 4, 2011


so it's been a hectic week.with my grand ma being sick n plans to kuantan is becoming a disaster my sis is coming back soon with her friend and the room is a wreck.that completes my problem-.- i hope grand ma is doing fine.n going to kuantan will be easy n lantak la bilik malas nak kemas.kbai


i may not be proud of what i get cause to me i can do better.but hey,i went in that examination hall for law paper hoping that things i've read would be out n can't wait to write the answers however,didn't came true as the questions are far from expectations.but i did it.i did quite well n i'm proud of it.with zero knowledge in me,but i managed to get a good grade,that's shows that if i did my homework i'd be far way better than what i had today.i never knew i had it in me.thank u ALLAH for this n thank u lecturers for the remarkable marks.insyaallah i'll be pursuing my degree in law.insyaallah. n to those who did excellent as well,congratulations.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

dup dap

the results are coming out heart is pounding real fast.before i didnt felt a was all calm until now.i knew it.mesti akan start berdebar malam sebelum result keluar.normally the results will be out in the morning at 9.last year was a god news but this will shape my future.this will be my last chance.i'm scared T_T.Ya Allah please be with me.hmm malunya T_T

hungry T_T

aku sekarang sangat kepalaparan.tetibe tertimbul satu idea untuk order domino's.ting!*lampu nyala kat kepala*.ok aku pon ke dapur untuk mencari nombor.namun x dapat dikesan dengan mata kasar maka aku pon perah otak untuk ingat kembali.yang aku pasti ade 1-300-8 something dan 3 something.jadi dengan kebijaksanaan aku,aku pon dapat menyelesaikan masalah yang sedang aku hadapi.nombor yang tepat ialah 1-300-888-333.iaaaa!aku pon cuba la menekan dulu,ni x confirm lagi ni.then tekan2,"selamat datang ke delivery domino's" (ayat buat sendiri).aku berasa sangat bangga kerana masih ingt nombor telefon domino's.sedang aku meminta menu yang aku suka,tetiba senyap.rupa rupanya kredit da habis.tggl satu je lagi dish aku nk order dan kredit habis?!kredit habis bila tggl lagi satu order?! aku pon kecewa.cek rewards hotlink x mencukupi.nak sos topup pon x menyebelahi.aku pon meminta bantuan kakak aku untuk memberi sejumlah rm2 supaya aku dapat mengahbiskan perbualan aku bersama domino's.sedang menunggu dengan hrapan yang tipis.tetiba aku dpt msg dari maxis mengatakan rm 10 telah berjaya dimasukkan ke dalam akaun aku.aku bersyukur ke hadrat ilahi.aku pon terus menelefon domino's semula.kali ni lelaki yang jawab.aku pon terus bg nombo telefon aku pastu die tanya "nama cik?" like putri DUHH!kata aku dalan hati.kerana kalau nk ckp dengan megah begitu,mungkin laki itu x tau siapa aku sbb aku bukan lah orang dikenali dalam malaysia ini.aku pon ckp la putri dekat die. "okay cik putri boleh tunggu sebentar?saya nak update system saya" .aku pon ckp la"awak ingat saya apa nak tggu lama2?awak ptt tunggu dan dengar order saya atau saya patut tunggu awak update system?tadi saya dah la ade masalah dengan kredit x cukup skang kredit da cukup u want to ditch me pula?!bapa saya jutawan ye saya boleh beli apa2 saya nak dan esok saya nak shopping.saya boleh suruh ayah saya saman awak!" kata hati aku lagi.realiti nya aku pon tggu.hmm ade masalah lagi ke? x lama kemudian die pon kol semula.aku pon selamat bagi pesanan aku semua dan makanan akn smpai dlm mase 30 minit :) haraga semuanya rm44 sahaja.kalau die dtg lambat aku dpt free pizza nnt.dengan itu,mari la kita ramai2 doakan die dtg lambat.kbai

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


everyone had a dream about their i don' it because i don't really think about it or that this is a sign for a back up plan?quite frankly,i'm scared.n i'm not really sure's either because not having the dream or the results are actually out this friday.some say not thinking about the result is i nuts?*deep breath.yana sent me a text saying that "all the best,bakal lawyer kau ni" n yana if u're reading,i ran out of crdit to reply.hihi ok yeah n after she said that,i felt like thousands of burden is off my back."kalau aku lepas ini result,aku bakal jadi lawyer kot".i'm one step ahead to having my own career.being a lawyer will at least hold my future n maybe could get some $ cha ching out of it.but that's not the least i can stand sold.i know what i'm kalau x dpt.i really don't know what to take.i'm not sure which to choose.n the last thing i want is to get random courses.haih. although i've told myself to just accept what i'll get,but i can't.i can't stop talking nor thinking about it.see when i start thinking about this result thingy,i could go on matter how many posts i post about this result,it won't change the fact that i'll get em' this all the best to my batch of prelaw students.we tried our best n did the best shit out of's time to take our own ways.hope we'll meet again at the main campus.chow