Friday, November 25, 2011

just saying

i love my mum and dad.i don't wanna see my mum getting old but that's the way of life.i know i've been so bad.but i am just not the kind that tells to ur face that i love u.i don't tell my feelings like feelings of love or happiness to my close ones.i only share them with my friends or here blogging about it.i love u ibu.i love u so much.u've been a very strong women throughout the years without having ur husband beside u.ayah,i miss u and i love u so's sad not getting the chance to see u grow old with's been years since we last visited ur grave.ayah i miss u and ibu thank u for everything.i'm sorry for my misbehavior or when i don't listen to ur instructions or even when i don't help when u needed my help.i'm sorry.u might look just fine from the outside but hurting stupid am i.i was so selfish.i should've thought about it cause i feel the same way every time.however,the only thing that i still can't get over is the fact that u remarried.that's it.that's the one thing that disturbs me.on top of it,i love u so much.i hope i don't grow up being someone who doesnt appreciate a mother.ya Allah,i love my mother.bersihkanlah hati aku,buka kanlah pintu hati aku.amin n ayah,u'll always be in my heart.i love u both.the best parents ever,i wouldn't ask for anyone better.insyallah insyaallah insyaallah.

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