Tuesday, November 1, 2011


everyone had a dream about their results.me?well i don't.is it because i don't really think about it or that this is a sign for a back up plan?quite frankly,i'm scared.n i'm not really sure why.it's either because not having the dream or the results are actually out this friday.some say not thinking about the result is nuts.am i nuts?*deep breath.yana sent me a text saying that "all the best,bakal lawyer kau ni" n yana if u're reading,i ran out of crdit to reply.hihi ok yeah n after she said that,i felt like thousands of burden is off my back."kalau aku lepas ini result,aku bakal jadi lawyer kot".i'm one step ahead to having my own career.being a lawyer will at least hold my future n maybe could get some $ cha ching out of it.but that's not the point.at least i can stand sold.i know what i'm doing.ni kalau x dpt.i really don't know what to take.i'm not sure which to choose.n the last thing i want is to get random courses.haih. although i've told myself to just accept what i'll get,but i can't.i can't stop talking nor thinking about it.see when i start thinking about this result thingy,i could go on forever.no matter how many posts i post about this result,it won't change the fact that i'll get em' this friday.so all the best to my batch of prelaw students.we tried our best n did the best shit out of it.it's time to take our own ways.hope we'll meet again at the main campus.chow

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