Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i've been so worried these past few days.can't think straight.i miss my life although this is not really a big deal.i don't know how to express this feeling.i just think that no one understands it but me.i started it n i shall end it immediately.i really don't appreciate the way they treated their customer.n yes,i'm one of those customers.partially i'd like to say it was my fault but i don't deserve it still.i really hope that this will turn out i could just live my life as normal as before.n in my world normal means sitting at home and talking to myself.i am a psychotic person but perhaps a brilliant one.muehehehe

oh and i'd like to say that i don't enjoy being lied to nor do i enjoy seeing u make a fool out of yourself.note this,if u want to continue lying in people's face,then it's ur call.but it seems to me that u are not going to like the feedback that u're going to get.u know,it's never to late to admit everything but instead u chose to make it not consider me a hater but do consider me as a curios person.u couldn't even handle the truth that's written on the screen of ur computer and how do u expect to confront with one?just saying's short,u might as well just enjoy it and be nice or regret lying to the people that to u are bitches and whores enemies and backstabbers.i may not know what's your agenda but God does.

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