Sunday, November 6, 2011

i love u

so it has been more than a month since i last saw my friends back in merbok.i remembered how sad everyone was after the finals ended.but it's a relief knowing that most of us got it through.i hope to see everyone there.i think i'm going with my guts.i'm taking law.this is what i family and friends are supporting so i thought,what the heck.i love what i'm doing.hmm i'm happy that me n the girls made it through.we got it!semua dpt g shah ye la things are unpredictable kan.miyah is having some problems with deciding which to take,n my two lovelies fna n mimi are taking their muet.i hope that everything will go smoothly.i really wanna see u guys so badly.kalau x nak ddk rumah sewa sesama pon at least kita dpt la jumpe kat sana kan.mkn2 ke.kita ddk hostel kat dlm pon jadi lah!hihihi i love u guys!thank u for ur help.without u guys.mungkin aku x kan dapat ni semua.i love u all :')

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