Thursday, November 24, 2011


hello readers :) howwa you?good?great! :) i wanna go somewhere tomorrow.i really miss going out.and my only friend yang akan berada bersama ku tika keluaq ialah sheryn aref.muehehe selalu keluaq ngn die and kalau ade teah skali lalu ler.huh i really need to start thinking the point of me posting.hmm what is interesting?what's new?i don't know!cause i'm not outside to witness T_T i am a one sick pathetic girl living in kuala lumpur and not knowing what's happening around me.again T_T i don't even watch ne bila aku ade bf nnt pastu die ajk tgk bola pastu i'm like "sorry i x minat bola".haa acane?mesti die x nak kat i da.but who cares!i do*whisper.anyhoo,what matters is that i am single now so i might as well just enjoy the moment of not being committed to anything kan. okay now i'm just ranting.k la bye.

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