Tuesday, November 22, 2011


okay so good morning everyone :) i have not slept yet and so i think it would be a good idea if i blog instead of doing nothing while waiting for the sun to rise.i literally play a lot of games right now.i wasn't interested in any games before.believe me.i never did agreed on anything that has to do with games.but now i'm surely addicted to the sims.but not anymore.i got tired on that one -.- okay i want u guys to read this post with a british accent cause i am doing it as we speak.hahah bloody hell,i'm so funny! .... okay moving on as usual,i have no reason watsoever in posting this post but just to show u guys the magic of an ipad 2.so this ipad is my sister's but i use it daily -.- it's fun,u get all the cool games and the camera is quite good i must say.here's a pucture that partially shows u guys what an ipad 2 can do.look carefully.maybe about 5 minutes then u will see?u really have to look carefully.this is rather interesting i'm sure of it.there u go.LOOK!

look carefully.

thank you for following my instructions,you guys are a hell of a reader!
it turned me into Angelina Jolie okbai.

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