Monday, November 29, 2010

one in a million

alhamdulillah my flu is getting better!god,i can't imagine how i survived,but thank u GOD.:D so i'm still missing my laptop-.- okay okay enough about the laptop ueen,u screwed up get over it:) i have started a list of what to do during my mid sem break.muahahahah that shows how excited i am:) like seriously!i really want to go home.can't wait!!!!so ueen,belajar la betul2 untuk sem nie ok:) kekalkan prestasi.*aiceh-.-

chocolate is my favourite.

i can't sleep but my eyes are tired.this is killing me.i want to go home so bad and just grab the charger and i wish there's a hole straight to my house.oh and how i wish i am a wizard.-.-*krik krik.i seriously want to go home.i miss my laptop so so so much.everyone is asleep.and i know i should too but i can't shut my eyes.really need some sleep now!oh i can't wait to cuti mid sem:D yay!best best!altho it's for a week,hell who cares as long as i'm home.lalala

Sunday, November 28, 2010

never ending stories.

i am sick that my eyes are red and my face is dull and and and itchy too!not comfortable at allll!!!huh,my sisters are enjoying the night.watching movies with all my cousins.yeah not cool guys.not cool.-.- i can't wait to go home.4 more weeks to go before i can use my laptop.hell,if i have a boyfriend,he'll be so pissed cause i care more about my lappy than him.*krik krik ye ke?hahaha.ok la need to go to bed.class starts at 10 am!:D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

today is 24th november.

today was okay.although there are some not-so-good-times but i managed to put them aside.what flattered me most is i get to meet takiya dinji!:)))) aww miss him so much man!well of course not me alone,together with kinah,alyia,fatin,munirah farhana and miyah.we were like 'din!rindu gila la kat kau!' and all.hmm we all can see the sadness in his face but nak buat cm ne.he's a very nice guy.but maybe his fate has been written to be this way so who can change it.we all hope and i personally hope that he'll get a better future out there and berjaya la kau ye din.kitorang PL2D doakn kejayaan kau walaupon dimana kau berade aiceh-.-*krik krik.

to sum everything up,alhamdulillah today is a fine day:D

Monday, November 22, 2010

my name is not weird.

i feel so empty all of a sudden.don't know why but i feel like theres a hole in here somewhere.i miss my mum.huh i just started the new sem and it doesnt look the same.everything has changed.the seniors are gone,the floor is so quiet the diploma students are not here,and part one students only consists of 13 students in one class,havent met the seniors,they're all like vanished,diappeared poof!no where to be found.its like an empty place.some of my classmates are still missing.i miss them too and i still cant believe that i didnt bring my charger for the laptop.oh my what a so bored without my laptop.yes i borrowed this one from my roomie but its just not the same.i notice that im not that happy.not a just happy when im with my friends and in class.thats it.i feel err i dont know.omg,please stop.-.-

oh and my name is not funny u effin brazillians!stupid hooligans!-.-

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

last chance.

after a few lectures from my uncle,then i realized how bad i want to further law.he told me not to give up,but i remembered how i screwed MUET.gees,huh,i wish i had enough sleep before answering them questions.i don't even a bit have the confidence that it'll turn out good.this is my last chance and i blew it completely.damn.huh,i am so devastated lah kalau x lepas amek law.

moving on,i am in kuantan right now,my's fun.:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


this is a picture of me with mira when we were in wisma belia tengok gig.hahahah funny weh!this was in 2008,i was 16.hahah but that's not the point of this post:) so,actually i don't even have any point of posting this post-_-.but what the heck,i might as well just keep going.
my family and i and kak fatin is going to kuantan today.for eid mubarak.hehehe.will be back in kl on thursday and on friday am going back to kedah.huh,boo hoo.but it's okay i'll try my best to make myself i think that's it.bye bye.
i hope that one day,you will feel every inch of pain that we felt.oh i hope that ALLAH,will show you how many souls that you've hurt so's really sad seeing you treating mum like your maid.what the hell man!she raised you for 20 years now,can't a small thank you come out from your mouth?you're a mean person,no one deserves you,only the ones that did the same thing to their parents deserves's a good thing you made me hate you,i loathe you!huh,YA Allah,just add a little bit more strength to my mother while she is still breathing in this world.i love you ibu,forever will.and ayah,may you be among the good ones.i love you both forever.


YA ALLAH,i thank you for making me an islam.amin.

Monday, November 15, 2010

too good to be true.

i know i'm not suppose to post anything sad here well this post is not actually sad tho,it's just that lately,i've been having these dreams about's about i have a boyfriend but i cheated on him,and like theres this guy i like and he liked me back and the newest is about a guy i knew recently .hahahah hmm well i hope these are not real.of course it's not real,if its real pon,i hope that my actual husband will be an islam.i cant take any risk marrying someone other than islam when im still not that good at it.mashaallah,y am i even talking about marriage?haih,wake up ueen,it's just a dream.relax.shish.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


muet is over.all worries are put aside and happy mode on:) but sadly,i think i didn't do that well and kind of disappointed towards myself but well i've done my best.and i'm just ready to take the,a week from now is when i'm going back permanently to my most precious UiTM Kedah.hmm so preparing for things is the first on the gonna be so bz this week.raya haji,going back for raya, kedah and all.huh okay take a deep breath and do it one by one.
yeap i know.ceh tetibe je.hahah okay its been awhile since i've last updated.been bz with i dont know.*sebenrnya mls-_-.yes i'm too lazy to update.i feel guilty.hehe:) the websites i gave u guys on the last update was my must-go page.okay ni pon just a quick update yang x penting mana.chow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

peace of mind.

hello bloggers.i know i've not updated recently cause my obsession with tumblr and omegle semakin memuncak.hahah hmm come join me if you're interested and omegle.i promise you,that you'll get the fun of your life by joining these websites.ahahha bye dolls.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

grey sky morning.

i just realized that i don't do other stuff besides being online and if theres no internet,i'd die,i promise u.omg!im the worst person ever!i only watched tv for 5 minutes cause theres nothing on,and most of the time it's me with internet..

Monday, November 8, 2010

soft drinks.

hey,so far i've done watching tv,done eating,skype-ing,tumblr-ng but not yahoo m yet.cause there's no one online.currently am listening to passion pit.and got nothing to do.gosh!need to find something.hmm.what should i do?so i've made a video of me singing hahah huh.i should stop now.:D


as promised people,i did woke up at noon:) yay i'm a changed person,i kept my promise.hahaha,hmm,so list of things to do.
  • watching tv
  • eating
  • facebook-ing
  • skype-ing
  • yahoo m-ing
  • tumblr-ing
:) yippy!and also the only thing to do,hah,what do i usually watch on tv?easy,
  1. E!news.
  2. keeping up with the kardashians.
  3. giulana and bill.
  4. america's next top model.
  5. how i met your mother.
  6. glee.
  7. ugly betty.
  8. E!THS.
  9. TLC.
  10. disney.
  11. HBO.
  12. starmovies.
  13. cinemax.
and basically what's been recorded on astro 999 :) am gonna accomplish this today heh *agog!*thank u thank u :)

hope the smile stays.

it's a great start for today:) but i'm guessing sleeping till noon.:) have a nice day everyone.
  • omegle.
  • skype .
  • yahoo m.
  • facebook.
  • tumblr.
  • blogspot.
all checked!and signed out:)

dear monday.

hello monday,lately i've been feeling pale,sad and empty.i feel so so less vigor.i don't know what's blocking me from happiness.or is it time for me to change?but i'm not ready.please please help me.i'm weak just weak like any other human being out there.i'm not strong to go through these things.lighten up my spirit will yah?

lose control.

yess i suck.i am an annoying person and i can do some stupid jokes but that doesn't make me a heartless person.i do have problems but some people like me for instance like to keep it a secret.yeah it's not good,but i don't see any good impact coming if i tell people lists of my problems.i just don't.but somehow,i can't control it anymore.i no longer have the strength to fake a smile under this mask i'm wearing.i know for sure that one day,people will know the real me,the delicate one,the sensitive and the scary cat.but u know what?screw problems!boo!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

we are 1 malaysia.

i have no idea what's got into me hahaha but there's a sudden moment when i just feel blessed to even breathe the wonderful air on earth.i'm so proud to be a malaysian as well as i am an islam.syukur alhamduillah.apart from that i just realized that i've been so harsh towards the world.all i ever did was telling how awful my life is and this and that but never try to make any is about making choices and decisions.even if u've made a mistake in choosing the wrong path,that is when the adventure of life's up to you to make everything as it is.i always give people advices but me myself pon macam x tau nak buat,as for today,let's make the best out of ourselves.good more nagging about how shitty your life is cause mine is just as hell as yours.okay?x nak x pe,aku nak!bye bye.
so i've been thinking,what do you lucky people usually do during boring time or any time there guys must probably just take your car keys and blah ha.i've tried so many things to avoid me from being 'nothing to do' but none of it works cause i've been doing the same thing since forever.well,this all comes to one solution that i think is the only cure. shopping baby!
there's no point of me making a new blog cause it'll be the same old story.and i'm tired to even think about it.but am not going to post anything bad here so cheers for the good days to come.insyaallah :D

north london

this is my boring face:) i'm currently facebook-ing and chat box-ing with takiya dinji.hahah this man la.haih,hmm happy thoughts happy thoughts:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


hai :D i have deleted my old account so that i could start fresh :) i'm sure that most of my readers are bored reading me yeah,this is officially my new blog:)