Friday, November 18, 2011

dear readers.

thank u for even having the thought of visiting my down-to-earth blog.hewhewhewhew i only type for what i think is exciting,important,random and stuff,and basically what comes through my mind every minute of every hour.if i've offended u in any way,i apologize.i didn't mean to.did this blog for me myself and maybe for some close friends and family.other than just using my spare time with writing random shit.i also shout out my feelings here.everyone is welcome to walk with me through my journey of life.what i see and what i saw will definitely be updated.unless if i just ate tons of chicken wings or buffalo wings.*means that i'm too lazy*then only u have to wait months for my upcoming new posts.:) u might find a lot of mistakes here and there in terms of spelling or even grammatical errors,i'm sorry.i wrote this in english obviously shows u guys out there that i am trying to improve my english skills.i would like to be one of those who talks fluent that i don't get to catch up.once i'm done with mastering myself in english,i'd like to start speaking in full British of my dream is to own a house in this step might help me blend in with the london-ers :) a human is not called a human if u are not judgemental.and so,to those who judge me by only reading a few of my posts,u are welcome.i'm glad i could share with u guys a little bit about me.

ok post ni random gila kbai

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