Thursday, April 28, 2011

water for elephants.

okay first of all,see the title above?perfect,i wanna watch it:) as well as red riding hood.okay moving on,so u guys remember the game what berry r u?yang i post earlier with the exact title i just typed?*okay a little excited over there -.- the prizes were winning 2 tickets to see yuna.and i won :) i get to see me idol :) i've been waiting for this just so mesmerized by her voice.i love it so much.she's brilliant too n not to mention that she owns her own shop*jawdropped! hahah okay i didnt have to explain that when everyone is aware about it kan -.- okay -.- so yeah it's happening at 8pm and the venue is at mapskl solris dutamas.i won 2 tickets and my sister salina won a pair too but the problem is that she's no going cause balik rumah opah and so i have 2 spair tickets,maybe am going with my eldest and her fiance and of course my dearest samsulan idris.hihih so nice of him to come along.

please for click for a larger image well not that u need it but -.-
foine .

so that ends my post good night beauties and remember,never look down to yourself,dig the most powerful asset u have deep down.just figure it out okay?we're all unique in our own way :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fucking fuck my mind.

i'm dying hurts alot :'( u really don't know how to get over it.y is it so hard for u to understand?i need u to understand but y cant u?fuck i'm running out of words to describe this feeling.all i know is i fucking hate it i do!i feel like shit and no one cares.i fucking hate this situation i fuck alll of this!fuck u fuck him fuck everyone.babi!semua babi!aku benci semua.god,just please help me.i need strength man.i really do.when will she realize that all of this is my fucking nightmare?fuck fuck fuck!she'll never understand kan?huh sumpah aku sakit hati aku benci aku sedih aku nak bunuh org.aku da lama sabar.aku da cuba paham kau tp knp kau x phm aku?knp kau pentingkn diri?:'( babi la!i hate u!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

ni ja yang ada.

ni je la yang aku tangkap al maklumlah guna phone punya camera hampeh.aku nak rakam x blh nak zoom -.- tp x pa. la tiqah,ni ja la.hehehe

ada yang rakam tp dengar music je and org semua bediri kn so x nmpk and mls nk upload.hahaha

Friday, April 22, 2011

whatberry are u?

currently i'm playing this game and it's so fun heheh agak sakit hati la what happens is that you choose either 1 out of 5 of the games above and play them all.kira dlm satu yg kau pilih tu ade bnyk game and mase yang diberi kejap so main :)
pastu nnt kau da habis die gtau kau jenis berry aku aku dpt senangberry
pasai pa?sebab aku senang hati kbai.

bila bosan.

bila bosan or when i'm sad tend to write my father's name to keep me calm and set it as my desktop :) i love you ayah,see every time i switch on my lappy i see u :) love u to bits pak mail oi! :)

maroon pula

i want to go to maroon 5's concert -.- there's this lady nak bagi yang arena a that's worth rm 488 tu kan?die offer rm 400 haa cm ne?aku bkn ade duit tp nak pergi juga.bodoh kau ni .haih susahnya -.-

justin bieber.

i went to justin bieber's concert people!yes!hehehe it was not bad at all!in fact aku yang beria.okay a little bit exaggerating there but yeah i had fun.but i wish to join those kat depan skali sbb my seat was quite at the back was so fun!and that girl i must say is so lucky.she get to go on stage with bieber weh.-.- ye aku x brapa minat sgt la smpai tadi ade saat krik krik aku ddk diam je x grak pon. sbb mls.haha tapi it's justin bieber kan,kau benci mana pon,u just got to admit that he is more popular than micheal jackson.pastu pula bukn senang die nk dtg malaysia.and then kan tu buat aku fikir untuk concert concert yang da lps.sgt menyesal man x pergi.bkn dorg nak dtg lagi da.okay yang pernah aku pergi

  1. good charlotte
  2. showcase nidji
  3. mtv world stage
  4. siti nurhaliza
haa tu je yang stakat ni aku ingt.yang paramore,bruno,jason,aku x pergi pon.gila missing the chance of a lifetime.yes these people are not goddess but still their music are cool and nice to listen to.kan?fingers crossed for me to go to maroon 5 punya.harap dapt la.btw,attending these things distracts me from all the shits yang berlaku dlm x elok pergi tmpt2 cm tu but but but...-.- huh

long story short,i enjoyed the concert so bad smpai kaki aku sakit gila2! i tell u man,mmg berbaloi la and lagi berbaloi kalau ddk depn.mmg best.puas la hati aku sbb pergi an.:) sekarang baru boleh senyum.hehehe k la.nite :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

x tahan.

aku da x tahan :'( aku nak annges.tapi apa motif aku nanges?aku nk jerit tp x puas pon.ya allah,nasib la kau telah memberikan aku kesabaran yang besar.aku dduk di bawah bumbung ini dengan kesabaran je menghalang dari melakukan apa2.aku betol2 x tahan da.kau ade paham perasaan aku?ade?x,kau cuma bahagia dengan hidup kau.kau lupa aku dibelakang ni.aku sangat sayangkn kau tapi kenapa balasan ini yang aku dpt?kau x nmpk ke?aku da cuba buat banyk menda untuk bg kau lihat diri aku yang kau hanya simpan dibelakang tabir.aku nk kau tengok aku dan gembira.namun aku hanya satu kemaluan buat kau.kau x pernah hargai aku.aku da lama x rase kasih syg kau.aku perlukn tu sebenrnya.itu je yang blh buat aku teruskn kau hanya pada die.aku rindu pelukan mu,ciuman mu,nisikan syng mu pada ku.tapi itu semua sudah tiade,kini kau beralih arah.aku tiade lagi dlm minda kau.walaupon sedikit kah?kau x rindu kn aku ?kau x lagi syg kn aku?aku sudah cuba untuk menerima org ketiga dlm ruangan ini,tapi x bermakna aku boleh terima sepenuhnya.kau septtnya memahami,tetapi kau anggap seperti aku boleh menerima ini semua.mengapa?mengapa kau begitu penting kn diri?adakah aku tidak lagi bernilai bagi kau?aku syg kn kau.namun kau lebih memilih die dari aku.aku x mahu melangkah pergi kerana kau hak aku.:'( sumpah aku syang kau.kenapa kau pernah nampak?kenapa kau tidak boleh bertolak ansur?YA ALLAH,kau kuatkan la semangat ini.wahai kesabaran,kekal lah begini.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


being too friendly x boleh,being too mean pon x boleh and being timid lagi la a little bit of both.pastu semua pon x boleh,senang cerita memang apa yang kita buat,semua nya kene face dengan kutukan org.haih.sabar je la.

you are with me.

morning beauties :) huh i am thankful!i like have to say this a million times kot baru aku nk thankful.haih azureen azuree.u did great.nak apa lagi?aiyoo.okay so alhamdulillah again :) enogh is never enough for me -.- oh and i think i woke up too early sampai cm sikit gila org online and twitter pon macam dekat deserted island.haha there's no one.mai pergi muet rasenya.other than that ryan secreast je ah yang tweet and all those quotes.hmm im bored.-.-oh and im happy for myself for having a wonderful 8 hours of sleep :) hehe so what' new guys?haa yesterday i went to sunway to have dinner with the family dekat bubba gump,my all time favourite place,but after yesterday,i dont think it is anymore.cause the service was like so slow-.- and i ordered ribs tau,it wasnt like before,before punya cm sedap gila and mcm wow lah kan,but this time,cm kering,one more thing,i just love buffalo wings!it's to die for!*drooling* but i prefer tgi punya la,and steak T__T i wanna eat steak la.-.- i just love the decorations and i love forrest gump so yeah senang la nak relate.i cant wait to get the cheque!i need money to shop!sikit je,betol hahaha. huh nak buat apo ni? sedang ber tumblr.hmm ya know,my eyes are very itchy right now and hingus x henti keluar hahaha i better go.kbai

Monday, April 11, 2011

mad as rabbits.

assalamualaikum dunia :) so the results were out just now at 9 am.i was so scared but managed to pull myself together and opened it anyhow.alhamdulillah everything was perfect.:) i didn't expect what i got cause i remembered expecting the last sem's results and that didn't turned out well -.- soooo,am happy for what i got and that's it there is to it :) insyaallah tonight will be the family outing heh kbai

birthdays :)

hello :) so today is the 11th april of 2011 :) happy birthday to both my sisters which are putri nabilla rais and nur fatihah.hope you giys will have a blast :) da tua da masing2 hahah love you guys.bai

Sunday, April 10, 2011

as usual.

hello lovelies,watcha doin?i'm bored as hell and im sure hell is not that bored when everyone will like be on fire and stuff.okay,i'm going too,-.- im in need of money so bad like the joker bad.huh macam x de punca gila la bila xde duit.huh sabo je la.i wanna buy me some stuff tapi samsul kate buang duit aku suka -.- huh ni die gambr bila aku betol betol x tau nk buat apa.huh

tapi masih ntah pape.i feel like something is missing.but what the hell is that thing.huh da la lmbt lagi nak masok balik.i want money..T__T

my girls

before anything happens.i miss my girls so much weh-.- like a lot!sheryn tsha semua ngn gang nyahs semua.huh all happy moments nyah mcm tu je.semua da x contact da.kalau cuti pon cuti x same.gila x best oh -.- aku rindu korg weh. huh


hey wats up?yes da lama da x update sbb x bayar broadband like a bowsss!heheh so apa cerita?huh on the 7th april baru baru ni was the 5th year of my father leaving us.well,it's hard to let go but i have to in order to move just now went to pavi with no money so x shop la then watched sucker punch.two words,pure awesome.kbai