Friday, April 26, 2013

looking deep into my eyes he said ‘you look beautiful as always baby’ with his charming crooked smile. ‘but i have to tie this around your’s a surprise’ taking his favorite tie which he wore when we first met, tying it around my head so i can see only dusk. i am not fond of darkness.he knows it. but some how that night, i feared nothing,knowing that the guy i love is right beside me, the gloom turned into soon as the tie is secured around my head, i searched for his arms but his hands were around my waist first.i held him tight,tears shed down my eyes.tears of joy. ‘now baby,listen to me okay?we are going down the stairs’ slowly i stepped down the stairs.  then suddenly ‘i may not be the best person for you’ he said ‘but baby,i love you so much.’ i wonder,why didn’t he told me this before he blindfolded me.i wanted to look into his eyes. ‘and baby,even in the darkness of night,i shall carry you to the light’.i heard him smiling.these were the sentence he used to make me his girlfriend back when we were seniors in high we reached the door,he opened it and i can feel the breeze in the air.the birds chirping as if they’ve been eating french fries for lunch.i laughed at my inner jokes. ‘where are you taking me?’ i asked. ‘can i unfold this already?’ i heard him inhaling deeply ‘okay’.slowly he unfolds me.before i can get the hold of reality he whispered ‘SURPRISE!’ and kissed me on the lips.a brief kiss yet a meaningful one. i looked down,there were petals of different colorful flowers everywhere. i smiled,and looked up.trying so hard to not let it all out,but failed terribly.i fell down my knees and cried.he sat down beside me and wiped away my tears. ’baby,i’m sorry for making you cry.i hate seeing you cry but i have to do this’. i grabbed his hand and place it on my face as i did the same to him. ‘thank you.thank you so much.i love you darling.forever and always’. he scooped me up his arms and carried me.i leaned down my head on his chest and kissed a million kisses of love. ‘you never fail to surprise me baby’…he smiled his crooked smile.