Monday, September 26, 2011

no more.

no more going down to check out my more waking up and looking at the opposite side of more going to bath late(yeah right).no more going to pengkalan iman to melantak and stop being more laughing like more gossiping with the more gelak dato' more indian more haru more more sexual more response due to sexual more discussions on more plans in answering the same more analysis on past more waiting to go to more heavy make up -.- no more stress in mix and matching more jira atas katil no more korean more bilik berhabuk.hahaha no more going to class more going to the more meeting the more communicating with the top more talking about cute guys.

these are all memories that left me with smile.i'm happy i got to keep these memories.and hope to start new in shah alam kelak.with all the same girls all the dreams may come true.amin hihih

oh and if i got in shah alam.i promise u it'll be a hell of a new stories and new updates.

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