Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i wanna be with you.

alhamdullah one paper heart best was at it biggest climate tadi berdegup x ingat dunia.was really afraid yang apa yang saya bace x keluar.tetapi alhamdullah.terima kasih YA ALLAH.:) so now i have to get started for my second paper.i wanna step foot in shah alam make all my dreams come true.amin.tolong la ade tempat untuk aku.but the question is can i cope with it?asasi pon da cm bising sana sini.ini kan ke degree pula.mmg akan susah lagi la kan.but i'll try my best to make my mum proud of me.i've gone too far to turn back or worse give up.i'm gonna push myslef and i deserve it.sape suruh x start awal.kan da menyesal.xpe la.this is how me rollz.hihihi oky la pergi dulu

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