Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the last stand.

hello there fellow readers :) how have you guys been?as for me i've been perfect :) i've decide to put my emotions aside and just focus on whats next.however,today is not mainly about me but my whole class.it's not fair for me to say that i have the best classmates but unfortunately i do.we've been together for about a year and 5 months now.quite frankly i am always happy with these people despite the conflict that has been goin on for about a few months now.all the memories will be kept safely in my mind,in my phone and anywhere yang ade. realizing that we have reached the end and letting u guys go is the hardest thing to do.i really hope that we could meet again one day.i really mean it bitches!i love you guys.

my three bees :) miyah fna and moon.

*sigh.things have been complicated.by losing we gained.betul ckp tikah.writing about this is very emotional man.now i have friends from all over the state.and they turned out to be my best.i love my class love my girls and i love my enemies.i love them all.although the three other guys dont get to be with us,but korang masih dlm ingatan insyaallah.so i hope the best for all of you guys. :')

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