Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello are you guys today?it's been awhile since i last updated this sorry for not feeding u with my ridiculous yet obnoxiously awkward posts.i have been busy super today i will be rambling about what happened to me for the past few days.

last friday,saturday and sunday,i became a a the uk.sitting beside the judge.and saying "all rise,the court is now in session".yes people i was the bailiff.i get to yell at people for talking inside the court,i get to make the i'll-eat-you-up eye.

all the above are total nonsense.i didn't went to uk just to be a bailiff for 3 days.nope i didnt.cause if i did,i wouldn't have had the time to get to class on monday which i obviously did came on monday having that i'm living no where above 200 km from my faculty and if any of you,which i doubt,believed should know where you stand. lol

okay i'm literally not making any sense.okay so i became the bailiff for the mooting club,it was soooo soooo sooo tiring weh.but imma get my sijil insyaallah.and i dont wanna talk about it lah.

pastu jumaat lepas i went to war crimes tribunal :) i had funnnn superrr funnn :) okay mals nak type tetiba rase marah -.-

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