Sunday, May 20, 2012


this happened on the 11th of september 2001.back when i was only 9 years old.i knew about this on the news we were watching at pulau tioman.a family trip.

the sentence in that picture "what if it never happened?would the world be any different?"

to me personally,i think yes.the world would've been a much peaceful planet if it weren't because of this this,the americans hated the muslim.they called us terrorists.our people were tortured and was treated rudely by their citizen. Afghanistan and iraq were victims in this case.thousands of people were name it.

i imagine that the world would be a better place because if this didn't happen,iraq and Afghanistan wouldn't have lost people from their country.all families would be perfectly blessed with what God had given to them.Bush wouldn't be a great president(based on the people of america) because he couldn't show his powers if this didn't happen.there would be no one would have died in that family would live in grieve.the world trade centre would still be the tallest building.

but what matter now is that,it one can change history.people died.afganistan and iraq lived in hell.people of america have paid for what they thought we did.they are now happy.

however,in Quran,everything has been written.all of these things should happen.and it did.can we blame God?no.what we can do is just ask ourselves and that's quite it.everything again,happens for a reason.what reason that Afghanistan and iraq had to go through hell?their people died in shahid.i'd take that as one of the positive sides.although,we don't really know why this happened,but us muslim take this as a sign.

let Allah do His job.and let us pray and thank Him for our peaceful country.alhamdulillah.

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