Wednesday, May 2, 2012

alhamdulillah,the boat that i sailed today had smoothly ported to my destination :) everything went perfectly fine today.i wish this could happen everyday but well everyday is a new day.i'm so happy for the fact that finally,me and my classmates,we talked :') it's a good start actually.i hope i did great in answering mls's quiz just now :/

yesterday,i procrastinated myself from studying malaysian legal system.i was reading and replying tweets back and forth.the thing i regret most T_T and so i didn't had enough time to sleep.i stayed up so late yesterday reading through every page of this book regarding the islamic law here in malaysia and the customary law.then when it was 430 maybe?i forced myself to sleep cause i don't think that i can survive ctu without sleeping.i tried so hard closing my eyes to get me to my dream but i failed.yes people i failed to of the most easiest thing to do in life yet i failed.i wanted to cry but i didn't,i forced myself for about 1 hour and a half and so i succeeded.woke up and felt so tired so decided to not go to ctu.i was so tired that i couldn't walk straight(literally).THAT WAS HOW TIRED I AM.i need to promise myself to get as enough sleep as i can get cause this can't go on's dangerous.

and i really hope the contract test happening this friday is a false alarm.

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