Sunday, February 5, 2012

may peace be upon you.

hello dearly people :) i can't seem to close my eyes cause as usual,i think about a lot of things.first of all,i got it into law school :) alhamdulillah.however,there are a lot of things that has to be settled asap.this coming tuesday,i'm off to kedah to do the clearence thingy,grab my transcript as well as the sijil tamat belajar.then i've to print all borang and all documents untuk daftar nnt.tapi alhamdulillah diberi mase selama sebulan.i got the result on 2nd feb which was on thursday?kan?okay that means tinggal lagi 24 hari untuk buat semua.kalau da pergi kedah means semua da settle in terms of benda penting.then bila smpai sini,ill have to print everything and get the pengesahan cop from my uncle?or anyone yang sesiapa kenal?i mls nk pergi skola lama.tomorrow,i'm going to shah alam to check out the house that miyah recommended and also maybe will be our house nnt.see,frankly speaking,i want to live inside meaning the kolej lah kan.but some say susah nak dpt,1st come 1st serve and maybe x dpt at sbb tu la ktrg amek rumah sewa.kalau komfem dpt kolej then we'll be there in no time.sbb senang kalau budak baru ni,ddk dlm la untuk tau selok belok xpe,kalau x boleh nk save kn tmpt my friends then we'll go with rumah sewa lah.see mula2 rumh sewa,then clearence then print everything.pening dah.serabut la juga.but nk buat cemana,semua benda ade sebb.ok bai *malas nk type .

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