Monday, January 30, 2012


i do not think that i have anything to say here but somehow my mind is so eager to write something at the moment that it couldn't wait to spill everything out.but as i thought ,it did not had anything to say and by "it",i was referring to my mind which some of you prolly might think that im crazy.and if you do not understand why,then i've no interest in elaborating more on that.bahaaaaaaaaaaaa full-stop.*sigh.(rolling eyes everywhere).i seriously don't know what to do.i've been sleeping very late lately,no i do not have insomnia but for some reason,i refuse to there any scientific term on what's happening to me?or is this not a decease?*curious face* you know as i'm typing these words,my head is speaking in a british accent.i find it a little funny and weird sometimes quite frankly.a lot have asked me "why are so into british people?" and i tend to pause at one moment and say "i don't really know".you know when u like something,u don't have to have a reason for comes from within maybe?okay maybe there are some things i like about them.for one,their accent?and also i think british people are more elegant and well manered.i think I THINK.or maybe i only watch rich british people?kalau yang kaya mmg well manered lah kan?yes,i've heard about the malaysian boy tu.yup,*fikir balik* cenggitu lah. <----- this shows how clueless i am of not knowing what to write about.i think im going to spend my time brushing my teeth while watching tv.good night lads :)

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