Monday, January 2, 2012

a thousand years.

omg i don't know how to tell you guys that i missed posting so much! huh there's a lot to share but where to start?okay let's go with happy new year everyone :) i was so scared when the clock strikes 12 cause i wasnt ready to live in a new year but hey,i'm still here,breathing :) alhamdulillah.i celebrated the new year at home.slept at 8 and woke up at 11:54.6 mins to new year.heh.watched tv with the family.well a perfect start i'd say,but got a little bit annoyed with my brother seperti biase.he's just born to be annoying so nothing to say about that.hmm it's the 2nd jan now and i feel like there's something wrong.i think a lot.okay,i've brought a long my last year's resolution to present so that i can really fulfill it however,i'm not gonna say it here,afraid that i might jinx it.there will be a next post later on,i wanna write it for my mum :).i guess this is it.gotta go,sorry for the short updates but i'm lack of ideas lah.heh but but,to my friends that are going through a rough patch,i want you guys to be not be sad,cause i know the real feeling about sadness and it aint,be happy guys.:)

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