Thursday, January 12, 2012


hello fellow readers,after 6 hrs of finding the right time to update this blog,finally the passion has arrived. ive been listening to muse's unintended for more than 3 days has become part of my obsession next to talking to myself and telling the world about it .ba dum usual,i never know what's the reason of me being on this blab around?to be mad at the universe?to talk about random so random stuff or is it i'm here to tell you guys that i just got my iphone4s?it's for me to know and for you to find out.kah kah.yes you right there,has z right answer.the reason i'm here is definitely to show the world about my ability to write awesome stuff.*boo!.okay okay be pa-si-yon(patient).no i did not get an iphone4s.but i didn't say i didn't have a samsung tablet!.okay that's a lie too.-.- Y ME SO LAME?T_T no no i'm AWESOME!

okay moving on.

kbai -.-

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