Thursday, January 12, 2012


i changed my mind.kih kih.okay,my blog is not a popular one.i only have 21 followers,which one of em don't even have a blog,the other owns 2 accounts and the other created z account just to have more than 3 social networks -.- so calculating #$%^& i basically have like about 18 followers and fyi,i'm still grateful sbb ade juga yang nak singgah kat tempat ini.i call my blog an underdog because not a lot of people know of it's existence.and i'd like to keep it that way.everything that i typed here is how i talk and how i english is not as perfect and as organized as some people are but that doesn't stop me from being what if i'm not that good in english,at least i'm trying and to cover up some words that i can't recall or do not know,then only i'll start speaking in rojak :) the truth is,imma shy person.i don't do confrontations.i just can't and so when i get mad,i turn on my computer and started typing.that is when everything goes downhill.see,if ure mad,ure not in the right state of mind and u'd type and type and type without thinking that it will be read.jadi bila da org bace,people will get terasa and all.that is the downside of blogging and also for a person like me whom dislikes confrontations.however,i'd consider my blog a listener.or maybe a journal to be shared.i really want to improve my english so bad.this is how i do it.i don't use exotic words or bombastics ones cause i dont memories them and sometimes to be honest i dont even know when to use em.and so i stick to the basics.i know it sounds effortless but when ive the time,ill sure make some revisions.other than that,i always talk to myself.bahaha ok lah penat nk cerita and frankly,i'm so sleepy that i dont know what im talking about.bahbai

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