Wednesday, February 15, 2012


peace be upon you people who are currently reading my blog ahaks.alhamdulillah i am still alive :) before i'm off to bed,i just wanna say that how happy i am dapat sambung belajar.having to start my degree at this young age was never a dream i thought i'd get.thank you ALLAH for giving me this oppurtunity.i wasnt the bright one dalam family however orang kate rezeki masing masing kan.i've come this far and insyaallah i'm never gonna back down.i will try my best in pursuing what's best for me.5th march will be the day i'll start my first class.don't who'll i meet,who'll be my new friends or enemy for that matter.i also hope that our friendship tak kemana ye.i missed u guys a lot.and i cant wait to jumpa semua.6 months of staying at home tak kan xde cerita kan?heheh well new semester,new me guess?gosh i can't get over for the fact that i'll be meeting more people there.what will it be like?gosh.okay i must go now.bai :)