Wednesday, February 29, 2012


the title for today has nothing to do for this entry right here.that was the first word that popped into my congratulations DEMANDING!you've won yourself a free hug from me :D let's cut the i'm feeling a bit energetic and now is 2:20 am.classy me heh i'm so psyched for this coming's been so long staying at home pampering all these fat in my body though i had fun with them.ahaks.but i needed this break from holiday to make use of my brain.i haven't used it in for some time now.hahaha i hope that being in a new place,environment,influence would motivate me into being a brilliant student *insert cricket's sound* fact is that's never gonna happen but reallly so badly i wanna do good for at least this semester to get a scholarship.i need one.i want one.heck i even wanna feel like i deserve one.i wanna feel intelligent juga sometimes :/ and also,i was hoping that my sleeping schedule would change but unfortunately in a scale of 10 i would give it a 5 that the statement above would be true?i mean who am i kidding?i've got 4 freakin law subjects for this semester and i dont even want to start for the upcoming's so scary.i only can imagine how i'd look like in the middle of this first semester.but u know what?if my seniors could pass em,why can't ?!eceh.well let's hope for the best.i think i'll be taking french for my third language i mean italian should be interesting but i think that french is more widely used across the world?mandarin is without a doubt is as important but both my sister and brother took it,and plus i can like learn it somewhere else kan?(macam akan buat) tp ye la,that is what i think.however the disappointment that i'm going through right now is both my options clashes with some of my subjects in the schedule.i don't know what to do about it but i think that i should wait on monday?wait for what they'd say?yeap i should do that.

why am i not asleep yet.well because i'm updating this blog for u readers out i sweet or what?:) so my things are prolly about 50% done?in terms of clothes and stuff la.kalau borang about 95% is sikit je lagi.i'll be okay insyaallah.i still need to settle some things juga but that wouldnt be a big problem.this saturday nak apply kolej.i don't know what to biase apply college senang je kot mcm merbok dulu?write my name semua lah.i hope they don't need any documents cause everything is set for monday.oh and just now,i washed my face for like about an hour and a half.while watching the breakfast club but u should know that washing your face for too long can be so's still burning right now.and it's 1 hour later. -.- plus my friend told me that if u rarely take shower,that glitz of not showering would show in your face although u showered like three times a day.aha!inyoface! i'm paranoid.

you know on monday,i asked tia if she could accompany me to merbok to complete my clearance and so she agreed.we went there and the most fucked up situation happened to us!there was no train! :D i am happy ! -.- we reached ktm at 10pm and stayed there till 12am siap kene halau dengan guards there because that place is closed at midnght.we stayed there cause no one could fetch us.jadinya at the end we took a taxi home and when we arrived we ended up talking outside until 2am sbb everyone was fast asleep.nasib dlm pukul 2 my sis answered our call.pastu kami pon selamat :) heee what an adventure and how unlucky are we?or just me.pfft.I WAS BORN THIS WAY GAGA! u should take me to dance in your clips.i deserve it :( and also on what day entah i spent a night at tia's i said this for like the gazillionth time that her room is so comfy weh siap ade free wifi.i like her house.i sooooooo could decorate that room if it were mine.hahaha saiko.hmm what more to rant?nothing?ok i'm super duper diper depeeeee diddy done.goodbye.

p/s gazillionth is not found in any dictionary.can i be one of the philosophers now?

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