Saturday, March 10, 2012


i have no reason on why is "kpop" have i chosen as the title for this morning.well hello dear readers.:) it's been a very tiring week.altho only a few classes has started but the urge of finding and attending them has made me one of the dwarfs on snow white called grumpy.the building is not that far from each other but the STAIRS,there are a lot of stairs i can tell you that.well on the bright side,i have a comfy room :/. plus i should be sleeping by now cause tomorrow there's this talk about kesat -.- huh later pula need to go to the library to search for some articles about civil law.this aint nothing yet.i can't imagine how will i handle the pressure here.i don't even know who my classmates are. -.- THIS SUCKS.!but not that bad least i have qila on my side.i get to meet the girls.but not everyday cause apparently,we're not in the same class *sigh. mun and miyah are in one,me n qila are together and unfortunately fna has to walk solo.but insyaallah next year we'll be in the same class.i hope :/ i'm so interested to join thee moot club.nak nak nak T_T k la nak tdo bahbai :)

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