Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 minutes.

i'm a little bit worried about some minor things but prefer to not think about it.i really do not know what to do,so bored.i woke up at noon today.bangun bangun terus online -.- please anyone?what should i do?hmm nothing pon nak buat apa -.- sedapnya suara micheal buble ni.haih.why can't i have a voice that people would pay to listen?i guess if i were a singer x dapat la saya nak teruskan law kan?so ak pe semua dah ditakdirkan :) but i'm still bored.i need a stapler.geram lah bila tengah rajun benda pula tak de.i haven't visited the girls.wanted to go,tapi rase mcm nak duduk dalam bilik je today.sayu la katakan.eceh.i wanna go home.everyone does.*sigh.

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