Friday, March 16, 2012

facts and fictions.

sometimes i hope to be less talkative and be more the other way around.i don't like being the person that talks a lot of crap.but unfortunately i've been doing that my whole's not that i don't like listening because you know,when someone is known for being so talkative then people might think that they do not listen but the fact is i am a very good listener but not that good of an adviser -.- so if you wanna talk to me about anything you are most welcomed however point being here is,that sometimes i just wish that i only talk about knowledge and giving out informations.if there's a pause button on this computer that's literally for my life,i'd press it and flip my pass as i go through all my actions.i'd prolly see a lot of talking instead of actions.and i'm not even near of being proud of's not that talking hasn't given me any opportunities or benefits,i do get a lot of em but i just wish to be less of a of my best friend,farhana,told me that one of her classmate named mimi doesn't talk a lot but only do when something important came across her mind.altho i don't really know who she is and how she's like but by the look of her expressions,postures i can see that what farhana said was a fact.she is indeed a very calm person and looks organized to me.i wish i could be like her.cause i like doing stupid jokes and at times i find it stupid.talking a lot doesn't make me a better person.*sigh.but i'd like to believe that there's a reason for me being this know like a talk a lot?hmm and maybe that reason is why i'm here today.

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