Thursday, March 22, 2012

damansara gurllzzz

kesatria get's more fun each week.i hope -.- well today was great.ihiks.i drove qila's car back to the college.and i feel like JFK's driver already.bila kesatria,makanya ade lah tetamu undangan ke bilik saya iaitu aqilah aka qisu! she was here.the moment she steps into my room,it turned to lah damansara gurlzz kan.hihihih

lemme fly away and qila is like "gosh she really does have wings"

regretting something.

i was actually pulling qila's hair but it looked as if we were having fun laughing.and so i snapped another one.

qila wanted to eat me cause she said i look like pau in this know the one with inti kaya or chicken semua tu?yeah le me is foodzzzzz.she can't get enough of me.
our normal faces when we were students.

our faces when we're lawyers.VATAKUANS!

and my face when i got so focused that i became lost -.-"

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