Wednesday, March 28, 2012


yesterday i went to empire to clear up my mind as i was going through storm the night before.jadinya after a storm i needed the rainbow. went there with sheryn n tia.had so much fun alhamdulillah.i felt better.we were starving to death and the first thing that we saw was italianese.i'm not a big fan of italianese cause i can like imagine and somehow predict maybe the taste?and as usual i thought right.however it wasn't that bad,it was quite nice,maybe i chose the wrong dish lah kot.cause sheryn's and tia was delicious? are some pictures.didn't took much cause i was super hungry and couldn't wait to dig in..and x amek yg sheryn pula -.-

here's my penne bolognese.
sounded so italian,but it was dry -.- i vant real italians to cook fer meeeee!

and this is quite rare.cause usually,tia always ordered the wrong dish.biasenya the one i ordered yang sedap.but her luck,the aglio olio was super delicious and super creamy and i super i want it some more. T_T

lepas peghut dah penuh.p jalan jalan sat nak kasi hadham.went to peacock london twice!but didn't bought anything.i regretted.saw this so comfy comfortable (which basically is so comfortable cause i wrote it twice) oversized pants or whatever u call it.i don't know what to wear it with so decided not to buy.masuk cotton.had nothing yang i like.same old boring shops kan?yes i'm other store baju wanna recommend? please do.

i really wanted to eat ice cream and so my wish was granted by these two monsters.went to whisk and got myself a deep dark choc ice cream.HOME MADE punya.and also a super nicee iced want some mooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.also,tia is allergic to chos -.-

tia's FOREVER ALONE face.

and i like this picture of sheryn,cause it looks so calming.i'm imagining this was taken in x? -.-

kalau perasan kaki tia macam tangan PINIT -.-

dah penat penat makan makan dan gelak gelak dan lepak lepak dan minum minum.kami pon berjalan ke atas untuk mewarna.sila lah ke sana.this is my masterpiece :)

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