Monday, January 10, 2011

google it.

just got back from a few lectures. :) today's subject is all about law that and law this.i'm starting to get the hand out off this.i tend to actually,hmm what's the word?oh yeah LIKE this subject.i azureen rais likes law?hahah yeah it's fun actually,well skang time asasi senior pon kate just a quarter dari apa yang bakal kita blaja time degree nanti :) but i don't mind,being a student memang la susah kan,itu lah yang saya slalu terapkan dlm diri kalau rase tension -.- well,although it did not turned out well like i said it would be,but alhamdulillah i have my second chance and this time i'm gonna rock hard man!no more berangan rangan okay,it's time to be serious,only i know what happened that day i don't what to repeat it again,call me stupid for all i care,i know what and where i did wrong at least.whatever it is i'll do my best insyaallah till then bubby loves :)

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