Saturday, January 1, 2011

basic instructions.

yeah yay people it's new year,but then again y are we so happy?because we are still living somehow?i don't see anything special,yes new year new resolution.i know yada yada yada.and how many did you accomplished doing so last year?all?great but a total lie.i know we all hope for a new us in every new year.but why new year?why not new week?new day or even a new minute?because it's hard for someone to change in just a blink of an myself,i have promised myself 3 years ago to make something new that would most probably change my life,but i didn't have the discipline and 5 years after that,i'm still the old the point here is,is you wanna be a different person than you are before,don't wait for the following year cause in 1 year consists of 367 days,and in those 367 days,you'll feel comfortable with your own skin and that is when the laziness in you starts growing longer and try to make a change tomorrow next week or maybe at this moment.have faith in yourself,believe and i'm sure you'll get what you want.well let's do it we all want,let's make a difference for year 2011 :D

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