Friday, January 14, 2011


what do you do if you're sad?do you tell people or do you just lock yourself in your room,turn on the radio and cry like there's no tomorrow?as for me,i'm the 2nd option.i don't tell people about my problems and tend to keep it until it hurts.i do wanna share it but i don't know how when and why should i do so.cause to me,once you've told your problem,the listener only listens to your problem but can they do anything for a change?i dont think so.well maybe it's just me,but if you guys out there are totally the opposite,then i think you guys should talk to someone to maybe make it a little less burden.if i were you i'do the same.maybe it's just a matter of finding someone suitable to tell it to.all i know for sure is,i'll tell everything to that someone one day.FULLSTOP!

aku nk mkn nasi,ayam goreng,soup ayam ngn kentang, n sambal belacan tempoyak!!!!!!

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