Saturday, October 8, 2011

this is wrong.

this is not how i want my life to be.everything seems to fall apart perfectly .it's very frustrating bluntly speaking.i never changed although that is what my heart desires.why cant i even keep a promise to myself?i think the word for me is disciplined.but how ought i achieve such thing? next week will be my driving that makes a small change in me.then insyaallah i'll get my own car then maybe then will i have loads of changes?well fingers crossed definitely.i'm so scared to ho for my jpj test man.but the hell imma rock it!:) there u go.a little bit of energy rumors are saying that our results will be out on the 4th novem.which will be in less than a month from now.i'm getting butterflies in a bad way.i'm so scared to whats in it for me.will suck or otherwise?yes ariesya,i am tired as well of being a loser.haih how la?i cant believe of how stupid i was thinking that everything will be okay.things will never be okay if i'm still me.i need to make changes. license is first in the list forsho.i need to see a little bit of improvements in me.but i did i had one.and as usual i blew it away.azureen.please.

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