Saturday, October 22, 2011


i strongly disagree with the idea of anyone cheating to their spouses,partners or anything related to the act of cheating.i mean,which part of it is fun?even the word "cheat" doesn't amuse me in any it fun seeing your partner's heart being crushed or smashed into millions of bits and u go around having fun with some other guy/ it's not.why don't u guys just say it to his/her face that "i dont think this is gonna work out" if u guys can't stand them anymore instead of going out with some other guy/girl and say "look i'm with someone now,i hope u understand,see we're holding hands".it does not work that way.people will not accept such way of's called CONFRONTATION.and this message is to those who are in love.some how i dont understand to the ones,that are already engaged.being engaged means u are in a steady and a serious relationship it's not the time for u to flirt with other's not fair to anyone.i have never been in a relationship but i'm sure the feeling of rejection is all same wether u're in or out of a relationship.cheating on your fiancee is like lying to ur husband that u did not spend rm 1000 on shopping when the money is really for saving.see what i mean?to me,ones u're engaged,u should lock ur's true that "we're not married yet,i need some fun".if u need fun,u shouldn't have agreed to be engaged at the first place see.don't play with people's heart when your partner is deeply in love with u.u should not give em' hope if u cant commit.grow up.

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