Wednesday, October 5, 2011


another day without a good shut eye.this is getting worse not to mention that my eyes are getting darker.why can't i sleep?why god why?!hihi okay bosan.tggu gossip girl gak this one.i need to start figuring about me.i need to know which path im taking and where im actually going.haih ive wasted a lot of time oledy.i am such a loser T__T dont even know where to go.da la finals like shouting i love u to u..errrrr.x x shouting everything yang comes to mind.tapi benda da tertulis.tu la yang paling menyeksakan.aku mmg turun mendadak la prestasi.adoi.i am not done thriving man.i needs to go further.i want my degree in will be so devastating kalau the answer is negative.huh im not ready to let go T_T


  1. Put rose rasa, why don't you search for a job.
    You love shopping at pavi right. so search a job there. Memang la put ta takda prob untuk duit, but untuk isi masa kosong put kat rumah aje. Put takpayah pikir sngat maslah yang berlaku kat rumah. Lagipun bertambah lagi duit. hehe. cari keje yang boleyh wat put happy :) try it, maybe lepas penat balik keje boleyh tido. Who knows :)

  2. that is actually a very good idea.but im not an employee material T_T xpe i'll try :)