Saturday, October 8, 2011


i forgot about how fun disneyland was.the last time me and my family went there was back in 2006 dekat Hong Kong.that was my last trip with my daddy.ayah wanted to go to rome,italy instead but i demanded him to take us to Hong Kong sbb mase tu disneyland due baru je buka.huh menyesal x ikot je ckp ayah -.- and so we went there.i've been to disneyland three times and were all located in different first was disneyland paris.yup that was our first.mase tu masuk masa nak peatang da sbb it was quite far from our hotel.kene naik train sana sini then alhamdullah smpai.semua sbb ayah nak juga bawa sana :').then my second was in hong kong and latest back in 2007 dekat tokyo sbb ade exchange student programme tu.itu mase dpt shopping dengan sheryn and we have met some really cool people sangat sangat :)

basically the reason i'm talking about this is just to make me remember.i dont wanna forget about these happy moments.i just scrolled my tumblr dashboard and found alot of disneyland merchandises punya pictures and the vibe came back to happy i was back then.T_T thank you ALLAH for the opportunity.thank u for leting me step foot dekat negara asing once.and insyaallah,i might be furthering my studies there who knows.wallahu'alam.thank u ayah for the memories.i'll keep it safe in the back of my head :)

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